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IL-1 Premium Review

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Mercsn #1 Posted 11 November 2017 - 07:53 AM

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I gave feedback in another thread on someone asking IL-1 vs Boomerang premium.  I figure I'd repost this in it's own thread so others could see and comment, if they're experiences mirror or differ from mine.   I didn't do many missions with the craft...because I felt I wasn't able to contribute and it just didn't feel fun.


I just flew my first  4  missions in the IL-1.  Won 1 and lost 3.



I can say that its stat sheet is very deceiving.

-The aircraft has very poor durability.  My La-5 feels like it takes more hits once I come under fire to actually get killed than the IL-1, despite the IL-1 having a huge hitpoint pool advantage.

-The pilot gets hit EVERY time I take fire...despite the plates visible in the plane's graphic!  Pack a first aid kit, if you choose this plane!

-The craft seems very susceptible to wing and tail damage (this may be more noticeable than other fighters because it might be living slightly longer, but the incidence of early crits to wing and tail seem more prevalent than other craft

+Large HP pool for a fighter



The plane only has the 2 wing canons (no nose guns), which while strong, will overheat before I can take out an IL-2.

-Wide gun spread, hard to land concentrated fire on target even with both marksman perks and gunsight  (also, you need to manually adjust the orientation of your plane so that your wing orientation matches your targets, made difficult by low roll rate)

-Likely to lose head-on passes with aircraft able to concentrate fire

+Decent range and good hitting power when you do land shots

+Able to kill enemy GA with bomb drops when guns overheat (confirmed - you can out accelerate them and just drop a bomb on them or in front of them as you fly over and past).



I was in a turn fight with a good pilot in an F4U.  He eventually won when a buddy showed up and I had to juke that guy's fire. After the match, I congratulated the pilot on his victory and he said, "Nice fight! That IL-1 turns better than it has any right to!" (Side note, in the initial head-on pass, I took way more damage than he did, so the hitpoint advantage was nullified quickly).  The stat page confirms that, had we been left alone, I would have likely won the fight.  He couldn't turn into me and I was getting shots on him each time we went around in opposite turning direction.

-Low roll rate

-Very low altitude ceiling and the diminished performance is noticeable once you get into the yellow band (also hindered by the engine struggling)

+At very low altitude, out-turns P-40 defense bots, seemingly out-turned Boomerang defense bots, which shouldn't stats wise be possible, at low-mid altitude, although not as easy as the P-40 bots.

+Turns better than it has any right to



The plane has decent boost, for a fighter, 15 sec.  However, the engine quickly becomes anemic as you try to climb to engage even low mid altitude targets. This effect actually feels worse than when I do the same thing in an IL-2 GA because that craft has much longer boost to lean on as a crutch as you have the nose pitched up.

-Anemic in anything but very low altitude

+15 sec boost time

+Decent speed and acceleration when trying to catch up to a GA

+Enough speed at very low altitude and boost to stay on a HF that wants to play GA and swoops down to bomb/strafe ground targets


Best use:

Hunting GA seems to be what this plane is best at, for me, so far.  Although, I would say that either an IL-2, or IL-2t (or IL-2mod, if you want a premium) with the 23m guns equipped does this better, in the IL-family.


I will add that in the fourth game, I was able to quickly sneak an airfield, by dropping both bombs on an AA gun target group (killed the 4 piece group) and then killing the P-40 defense bots.  Although, it was way too little, too late to win the match, the IL-1 may be good for sneaking a zone if the enemy players and "player bots" leave it unguarded.  Then again, if anything sees you, they will catch you easily and fighting a player + bots won't be so easy.  Also, the craft is slow enough that sneaking around the map will take much longer than if you tried the same thing in an HF.


Recommended for:

Players that are able to handle staying at very low altitude and who have good aim to get the most out of the wing guns.

Players who primarily enjoy playing defense on blue zones against incoming red ground attack aircraft. (Note, it's too slow to keep up with your fighter group as you travel to a neutral zone at the start. So, like a GA, you'll be at a disadvantage if your team loses the air fight in the zone you headed towards.  If the party is over when you get there, the enemy jumps you with multiple aircraft).



I had hoped that the big HP pool would mean the plane would be durable and that some fighters might overheat their guns trying to kill this plane.  Neither seems to be true.  The IL-1 is very susceptible to pilot, wing and tail crits which quickly negate the maneuvering advantage that it has over some craft and makes the wide-spread wing guns even harder to land concentrated fire with the injured pilot's larger aim reticle/dispersion circle.  If you plan to fly this, select equipment for countering wing/tail/pilot crits.


Previously, I've done a lot of "dogfighting" in my IL-2, IL-2mod, and IL-2t.  In the current game iteration, I've done a bit with my IL-2.  Based on that and the few missions in the IL-1, in it's tier, the IL-2t would make a better air to air asset due to its larger hitpoint pool and rear gunner.  Even if you can't out turn anything but other GA, you're giving your teammates easy targets if anything is chasing you.  Further, the guns on the GA will have an easier time of knocking anything out than the guns on the IL-1. Your larger HP pool and rear gun will give you enough survivability to (hopefully) allow your teammates to kill stuff that tries to follow you.  If playing defense is your bag, other GA will have an easier time of killing GA than the IL-1.


Overall, so far, I'm very unimpressed.  Although, it does look neat in game with a good camo and nose icon.  Maybe it will grow on me.


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The below was said to me (Mercsn), from a concerned player:

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and PS...play more, forum less.  Your opinion might be more credible.

_Rumple_ #2 Posted 18 November 2017 - 01:03 PM

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The few comments I see about it seem negative. I actually like mine but your observations were spot on. I view mine as a GA killer, and a hard plane to do well in, but I do enjoy the challenge. I don't regret getting it; just know that it probably has more negatives than positives and accept its limitations.

StoptheViolins #3 Posted 18 November 2017 - 02:30 PM

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First ditch the bombs which hurt climb, turn, bank, top speed, and acceleration.  Bombs hurt performance.

Second enjoy the fight.  Most players won't know what the plane is capable of.

Third head on attacks are stupid unless your plane has 37mm nose cannon or higher.  Why burn up health, risk a ram, and risk engine and pilot damage.  Take a little scuffing and use your plane to get on the enemy pilot's backside.  I have found most head on pilots to either know they have better firepower or just suck so bad they can only get a kill by ramming.  Know your planes and you can spot the suck-ers.

Hardstrike #4 Posted 18 November 2017 - 08:06 PM

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While the guns will overheat before taking out an IL-2, that's about the only air target that they'll do that on.  And they also carry their punch out a long ways, the plane works as a sniper.  I've pounded a few Beaufighters and 110's into scrap as they ran away.  Durability due to hp has been severely nerfed in the new game, G/A's die much more quickly than they used to, and it seems that module damage has increased.  The IL-1 isn't a great plane by any measure, but it has it's strengths that can be played to.


Fly crooked and shoot straight.

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