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Problem with xbox360 gamepad

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jack_wdw #1 Posted 07 November 2017 - 03:38 PM

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Sorry to post this thead again.

Can you provide a setting so i can fly in 2.0 with more or less the same settings as in 1.9.

In 1.9 i never ever had to reconfigure the controls, immediately accepted gamepad and binding were more or less okay for me.
Or maybe i changed rear-view mirror to RS-button. And moved the radar to the select button.

What i want to achieve is:

LS steering axis
RS view-axis

LS-button: zoom-mode
RS-button: rearview mirror

LeftButton: Engine boost
RightButton: Cancel engine

LeftTrigger: roll left
RightTrigger: roll right

X-button: flaps
Y-button: rockets
A-button: combined machinegun fire (primary+secondary combined)
B-button: bombs

D-pad: consumables

That's about all and more or less default controller setup for v.1.9

 I'm struggling to set this up in 2.0 since day one.

In 2.0 i could either use right stick as trust or camerastick, but doing the one eliminated the other function. So either tunnelvision with acceleration or great view with throttle stuck.
In 2.01 it seems to be worse: I can assign buttons and functions to thye right stick and save them, but when i startup a game, none of these bindings seem to work.
I can only get cameraview when i hold rightmouse button and use the mouse.

Also what is superannoying is that when you bank to the left for instance, your plane keeps on banking to the left, unless i do a countersteering to the right.
This makes the flying of the plane not very natural, even very annoying and makes it in my opinion nearly unplayable on the (industry default) gaming pad.

Someone who had the same problems and solved these more or less?

Heibges #2 Posted 07 November 2017 - 04:37 PM

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I would use Xpadder.  The game has some issues with putting an Axis on the Shoulder Buttons/Triggers.


It's very easy to set up with Xpadder.



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jack_wdw #3 Posted 07 November 2017 - 05:39 PM

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Thx for the reply,
but having to use xpadder was the first reason why i came over from WT a year ago.

Thing is i'm not even trying to asign an axis to a shoulder button or a trigger.
I just want my gamepad setup as it always was in1.9 by default (as stated above), simple controls but good enough.
I don't play rear gunner, so i don't need all these rear gunner controls.

I don't need throttle as an axis. Boost on one button and idle engine on the other is sufficiant for me.
Also the continued banking when turning only happens on the gamepad, when flying with mouse (what i really really hate) it sort of autolevels after a turn.
With gamepad it just keeps on turning.


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