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SNCAC NC 1070 in 2.0

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StoptheViolins #1 Posted 03 November 2017 - 03:18 PM

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Interesting beast - I thought it was a heavy fighter so I ignored it in my "catching up" phase of things.  Then I realized it was a GA and it made sense parameter wise in a WoWP sort of way...


What I like:

It feels faster than what it is.

Guns are good against ground targets.

Guns don't over heat quickly.

Feels "right" in its handing.

The bomb reload time is great - usually after a run and a half the bombs have regenned.


What I don't like:

With that speed comes the "hockey player mouth effect"  I can hit most of the parts of a ground target but fly too fast to get the whole thing.

Rear gunner's firing horizontal seems very limited despite it's wide view between the booms.

Needs moar rockets - it has none right now.

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