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Little bit, pint-sized deedback from me.

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Lt_Haruhi_Suzumiya #1 Posted 24 September 2017 - 05:10 AM

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Well, I didn't played WOWP 2.0 Test  that much, 


1. First Impression were too awful

2. didn't have 'much of' spare time for it

3. later, queue time were deadly. so I failed to try high tiers.


but I think even little bit of write will be better than Never.  so...

1. We need Flap button for Mouse users.
Currently,  We can manually use the flap with E button.  but at 2.0,  I can't find flap button.  If that feature are not added yet on 2.0, you guys need to patch it fast.


2. UI are nicely polished, but basically bad. Information are given too little.   You guys need to polish Current version of UI..  If you guys can.


3. I think I need Lead-circle back.  manually leading the aim was little bit interesting, but uncomfortable beats that interest badly.  and I like the way that I recalculate the real where-to-aim point from Lead-circle. (according to velocity, movement and etc.. simply move the aim little bit more)


4. Bomber was impressive but Blenheim was bad.  Introduction of Regular bomber branch when 2.0 came out will be great.  Controlling tail gunner were funny.


Well..  sorry for throwing 'below average' feedback.. but I did it because I need to.


+ Sorry for misspelled title.  I removed Capital F and want to add little f, but accidentally pressed neighborhood D. :[

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I guess, This pilot is worst teammate when you are on match, *Facepalm


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