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Testing the untestable...

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Carolvs #1 Posted 22 September 2017 - 11:04 PM

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Hard to test when you have to wait over 10mins in a queue before giving up for lack of players....

tried 3 games last night.

First time got a game after 3mins (ok)_

second time wait 13 mins - gave up

third time wait 8 mins - gave up

(was trying the supposed 'popular tiers as well)


seriously whose bright idea was it to not allow testing even against 100% bots. Given the game is almost all bots anyway it wouldnt exactly hurt the 'effect'. The lack of players is VERY telling.

Agree don't like the flight model, far too many buildings and no connections with how you actually win...confusing and very poorly documented.

Not a good experience.

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