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2.0 Feedback

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Tapeworm12 #1 Posted 20 September 2017 - 03:26 AM

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Quote from GhostPrime:


"What I, and the devs are looking for is constructive feedback. If you don't like the mode, thats fine! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. We would like to know why you don't (or do) like it? What specifically?" 





With all respect, specifically they are reducing a game with excellent flight mechanics and play ability to a simplified chidrens Nintendo type arcade game.


Would the developers do to World of Tanks what they are doing to this game with 2.0 and changing it to a completely new game?


Would they convert World of Tanks into a simplified version altering the mechanics to similar basic levels?


They would not as they know they have a winning formula. They retain the foundation of the game with each upgrade (graphics, vehicle mechanics, sound effects, etc) and simply improve upon the existing game.


Would they do a similar thing to World of Warships? I doubt it.


I do not believe it is necessary to analyze the minutiae of 2.0 in regards to what aspects we like or don't like.


There a numerous comments in the forums of players, including myself, who tried it and immediately recognized that 2.0 is unappealing, boring, overly complicated, pointless and a step backwards.


It is inherently a bad product and I believe that is what the developers should be paying attention to.


They can include all of the bells and whistles they want (Numerous medals, cartoonish exploding planes, etc) but they won't matter as 2.0 is not compelling.  


I feel they should retain the existing game along with the current flight mechanics, sighting/shooting, etc


With that said, if they feel they need to go in the direction of a "Conquest" mode why don't they simply add a base to the existing maps that needs to be captured/defended.


Is this not the winning formula for World of Tanks?



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MaxSkelter #2 Posted 20 September 2017 - 12:25 PM

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World of Warplanes never has had parity with World of Tanks - You have basically stipulated what the tenured few that still remain have been saying for over three years now - I sincerely feel that they are simplifying the game so it can eventually be released for consoles, PS, Xbox etc. 



Wargaming has showed that player's input has no effect on their decisions when it comes to the development of this game.




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