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Analysis - Update 2.0 - I Don't know about this one - Game play test notes


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FlakValleyExpress #1 Posted 18 September 2017 - 04:02 PM


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I played the new mode over the weekend. The economics was off for testing so I could not get to the tiers I wanted to test despite selling off the lower tier planes. I would have prefer testing requirements in what the developers are looking for in feedback as other game companies do. It seems like their POV "test it out and let us know what you find" shotgun approach.  IMO this does not give you focus feedback response. This conquest mode reminds me of closed beta stuff. I don't think this is ready to go live. If this does go live then its over for WoWP. WG can save their money and sell the WoWP servers. WG would be better off as a company as such. Cut their loses.


Others have noted game play mechanics, here's what I found


  • Hanger laag is horrible - This has been noted by all WoWP regions. It takes a couple of minutes when exiting a match. I am not sure if this is server load or network connection
  • Laag retraining pilots - see above
  • Too many medals, some not keeping the old medals - Do we need self gratification for getting 15 medals and buttons at once in a match?
  • Mario go-cart style of game play - Well they made it a fully arcade more now. Where level 10 is full core simulation and level 1 is easy arcade. The conquest mode is like a level 3 to me.  It does not feel like a simulation game that has been backed down a few notches to top level arcade mode. This is more like elementary school level stuff.
  • Heavy fighters now produce jetstream at low altitude? - At first I thought the MM was blown when a tier 7 Mig-3RD was in the match. Nope it was a tier 4 Bf.110-b acting like a B-17 at super high altitude with a con trail following after it. It panic me for a moment.
  • Boost stays on after releasing the key - Not sure if laag or bug
  • Get rid of the buzz before loading. in the beginning there is a low buzz like a cell phone vibrate. I can tell you how many times I reached for my cell phone thinking I got a text message
  • Fire extinguisher comes on after you die - I was on fire when I had used the extinguisher to put fire out and it went off after I died by fire afterwards (laag?)
  • I dislike the  the death explosions. They look so phoney in appreance and sound
  • Can not sell the Bleheim IVe plane. Says the event will end if I do so. Why is it saying this? Wait I dont care now. I wont use it.
  • Squall line balance - You never died before the Squall line comes in and now when you are in one, you are locked out of the match when you die. How is that being fair? Balance?
  • Bots flood one side with no communication. None of them say we are going over to a position. They also lemming at random either left or right without balance to the players spawn or warplane type
  • Neutral aircraft are not playing correctly - To explain the situation could result in intimidate the neutral planes to join you side due to the mass of your planes attacking. They could % chance attack you like they do at present or join you side. If the base is yours then the defense aircraft should be of your colors and not white.
  • I like the displays when the  pieces come off the enemy aircraft on when you are shooting. I reminds me of gunfire films from WW2
  • Stalls are handled better than before when going into or out of a stall.
  • You hit better without using the sniper mode. For some reason I could hit the enemy aircraft better. You would think that would be the case the other way around.


From what I am seeing in the forums you either like new conquest mode or really hate it. I can not tell from the likes/hates the age of their choices. It could be the younger generation like the new setup. However, if you hold WoWP for the spirit of air combat WoWP with the new conquest mode is more like:




I don't get the warm feeling like I am in a cockpit flying a warplane in conquest mode. I hope this is a battle option rather than a full replacement of game engine mechanics for WoWP.  I will do more for testing, but it does not look good as it stands now.


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Tarl_Dichari #2 Posted 21 September 2017 - 07:32 AM

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What he said and more.  I was posting on the other message thread.  Not really liking this "complete" rebuild of the wheel.  It makes absolutely NO sense to me that loyal pilots that have been flying in this game for years and stuck by the ups and downs....now must be forced to learn to play a (pretty much) entirely NEW game.


Here is my post from the other thread:


I'm perfectly happy with the current flight model and how the game is played now.  If you want to add a campaign mode.....with bombers and whatnot,  do it as an additional option, but allow folks to keep playing as they have been.  You don't need to redesign the wheel.  The entire game mechanics, situational awareness and such have went down the tubes with this new "version" of the game.  I won't be playing much with this change.  Seems to take my enjoyment out of the game.  


What little portion of the game that is a "simulator" is removed to make it 110% pure arcade.  Reminds me of a game down at Chucky Cheese now where you put in 2 50 cent tokens and play for 3 min. with no strategy,  no skill,  just try to shoot em up.



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Noreaga #3 Posted 22 September 2017 - 08:13 PM


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whatever my thoughts are of the changes. i am worried that it took over 5 years to get the game stable (3 of those were "release" beta) and now they are throwing that out without seemingly learning from their mistakes and implementing it into their new UI and flight models... not like there is a very good track record on quality control here. so they may do it properly but history tells me to think otherwise.

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