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Me.265, Aufkl.Gr.(F)123. What-if 1944

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Messerschmidt Me.265, 2 Staffel of Aufklärungsgruppe 123.



2 Staffel of Aufklärungsgruppe 123, or Aufkl.Gr.(F)123, was a long range reconnaissance unit. During the war it was equipped with Junker Ju.88, Dornier Do 17P and Messerschmidt Bf 110. The Staffel was operational from 1937 until it was disbanded in Nov 1944, and operated in every theater including England, France, Itatly Crete, Greece and North Africa.


Messerschmidt developed the Me.265 as a replacement for the failed Me.210, and was also known as the Lippisch Li P.10. Designed as a Zerstörer or heavy fighter, the plane never left he drawing board, with the Me.410 being selected for production instead.


This is my interpretation of what the plane may have looked like had it entered service with the Luftwaffe in 1944, operating over the Mediterranean Sea from Italy and Crete.




There are two versions of included, both replace the default Marine skin.


First is a Custom skin with all markings painted on, this version requires the files to remove the German markings found at https://onedrive.live.com/?id=8BDD90047E8D5705%21487&cid=8BDD90047E8D5705.


Second is a default version with no markings painted on. This is a camouflage version with only the yellow theater markings located under the nose and wingtips. It is intended to use all the default German markings so no additional files are required to use this version.


You can download it at:2(F).123.zip



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