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[1.9.10+] Panzercross' HD Historical Aircrew Rank Mod

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Panzercross #1 Posted 09 June 2017 - 09:07 PM

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I was going through the rank insignia used by World of Warplanes after I had started to play again, and found the ranking system photos lacking; much like the stock World of Tanks ranks were. So after 8+ hours of work, and painstaking restoration, I present to you the Historical Aircrew Rank Mod (This is a sister mod to the World of Tanks Historical Immersion Mod that I have posted: here)


Things Changed:

-All Ranks have been changed in the ways of the following two options:

Restored: by layering the existing file 30 times to make them legible and less faded.

Restored + Reworked: Using a combination of insignia images found off of the web (created from a historical template of rank progression found in a book I have) and insignia produced in the early Beta of Heroes and Generals.


Some historical information about the corrected ranks of the following nations:

USSR - Although the rank insignia in Stock WoWP was historical to the field uniform from 1943 to 1955, to standardize cross platform (WOT to WOWP), I used the dress uniform insignia instead for all versions of the ranks. A 1941-1943 Red Army version is planned, but will not be released in this version of the mod.


USA - The low ranks of United States Air Force (especially) were wrong in Wargaming's interpretation. Although the US Air Force didn't exist until the late war, back then it was the Army Air Corps and the Naval Fleet Air Arm, These ranks have been corrected. The cheesy renders of the officers ranks (with the exception of WO1) were not only restored (layered 30 times), but were given more realistic insignia.


Japan - Although Imperial Japan did not have a distinct Air Force, They did have carrier and land based units that operated under the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy respectively. The Airmen in the Army divisions wore IJA (Imperial Japanese Army) ranks with sky blue patches underneath the collar tabs to denote an air detachment. For the Navy divisions, airmen wore the standard identifiers of the IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) with a sky blue boarder on the top and bottom of the collar tabs to denote the carrier air detachment. Since, historically, the Carrier based aircraft were used more by the Japanese than land based units, and the fact that the Wargaming ranks are based on the sleeve insignia of the IJN, It is safe to assume that the IJN insignia is more historical to the pilots of these detachments.


Germany - The most prominent insignia worn by Lutwaffe airmen were the collar tab insignia or Kragenspiegel. The Ranks that Wargaming used were semi historical, however they were lacking in the piping around the insignia. The piping for the Lutwaffe was yellow for most uniforms; however the original ranks, that Wargmaing produced, lacked piping altogether. This is also lacking in the original ranks of the Panzer Corps in World of tanks where the historical department of WG HQ mistook Red (which for the German piping system is: Artillery) for the Panzer corps which should be pink.


The Ranks of China, UK and France and USNFAA (United States Navy Fleet Air Arm) were all restored (i.e. layered 30 times to cancel the fade effect), however were not redone as they were historical to the time-period and any possible replacements for the historical PRC Chinese ranks of the period were lacking when searched explicitly for.

Note to Modpack Developers:

You have My Express Permission to use this mod and any alternate versions therein - in your modpack.

Preview File ("Info" Versions of the Ranks):


Download Link - Current Version



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MARS_REVENANT #2 Posted 09 June 2017 - 09:33 PM


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Crews have ranks?

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Panzercross #3 Posted 09 June 2017 - 10:02 PM

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View PostMARS_REVENANT, on 09 June 2017 - 09:33 PM, said:

Crews have ranks?


Yes they do: In the crew tab in the hangar and in the individual crew detail and barracks tabs. Also Examples Uploaded.

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