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What is your "badass" plane?

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jack_wdw #21 Posted 13 June 2017 - 01:01 PM

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Tier I-IV: I-15, I-16e, KI-43I and F2A

- I15 in my opinion the best tier II non-premium plane.
- I16e is the best tier III non-premium plane, although the grumman F3F also does nice in this tier.

- Ki-43I is the best tier IV fighter. Speed, agility, height performance and even packed with two 20mm's. It's only downside is it's poor strength. You definitely have to equip it with self sealing tanks, cause it will burn quite fast.

- F2a: you guys will say what the [edited], the buffalo. Well i have a soft spot for it and tend to use it like the Finns: lightweight airframe, engine tuning and polish. Yesterday I got 6 kills with it in a mixed IV-V battle with almost all humans in the Thor's Hammer event. Shot up Bf-109e, bf-109B, FW-190, a BF-110(B--E) and even a Ki-43 before i was so stupid to get myself killed by a ga bomb.


Tier V-VIII: Yak1M, Yak 7-9, P-40, P-47, P-51D, P-38, BF-109E, I-220 and as absolute winner the F4U-1

- The yak fighterline (yak1 and yak1m): Ideal for turn and burn in the higher tiers V + VI.Their poor altitude performance is becoming a huge drawback from TIER VII on (yak-3 and later models).
- The yak multirole line (yak 7 and 9): Good enough to outturn most of the other fighters, but not your BNZ material. Will stall out against almost every other plane. They do carry a very large caliber cannon that gives you the opportunity for one shot-one-kill (especially n00bs who want to go frontal on you). Altitude perfomance on this line is even worse than for the fighter-line.
- p-40 lots of people hate it, i tend to like it. If used well, a little bit faster than the other planes of your tier and it can gain enough altitude to be competitive with most of the high flying HF's. I liked this plane more than the following P-51A.
- P47(b and N): They are very forgiving, they pack a great armament, they can go really high and fast and they can absorb quite some punishment. Do not try to turn and burn against anything other than a FW-190  or a Heavy Fighter.
- P-51D more or less the only american mustang that I like in this game.
- P-38 best HF in tier V and VI
- BF-109E: the bf-109 that i liked the most. It has the high altitude performance and it's packing a great arsenal of guns/cannons. The later bf-109 models i like less, because they are lacking offensive power.
- I-220: good high-altitude fighter with good armament, first plane i really liked in the MIg-line so far.
- F4U-1: this is my absolute winner. Tier VI plane. You have to upgrade all the engines and airframe, but once you do the resulting F4u-1 with 4 x 20mm's is a real beast. This is litterlaly the plane i love the most from the entire game.


I'm not going to write much about this tier since i'm quite a newbie to it.
I currently own a Yak-15, P-51H, I-250, Me-262 and a premium La-11.
They are all tier VIII and I don't really know if they are the best for these Tier.
The other planes will come too, but these are the ones i've unlocked the first.
The La-11 is an absolute moneymaker for me, from the other 4 planes, i like to fly the i-250 the most.

EspressoForHammy #22 Posted 13 June 2017 - 01:13 PM


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The old P-40 with rockets.

"More fun than a three-legged mouse covered in hash oil."  "This is like taking my p38 through a cloud of loose stools... watta mess."

- A55 BOTlistic Commie (Both quotes!)


GeorgePatton #23 Posted 13 June 2017 - 02:53 PM


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Tier 1 - 4: I don't like flying these tiers (I rarely actually get tokens for missions because of this...) but if I have to play down here I usually grab my I-16 Late.


Tier 5-7: I have two favorites down here - Me.410 simply because there is nothing that compares in the boom and zoom capability at this tier, and my baby, the Ilyushin I-21. I've named her 'Red Death'.


Tier 8-10: Easy. Blohm und Voss BV P.210 - of course, once they open up the tech tree for research and I get the tier 9 and 10 on that line, this may change...




                                                                                                                                 Click the Pictures to Visit My YouTube Channel.

Rokkator #24 Posted 16 June 2017 - 07:23 PM

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For tiers I-IV, Blohm und Voss Ha 137 (inline powered version) hands down. I LOVE this little machine. Its combination of enough speed and enough maneuverability with the killer dual 20 mm makes this little GA soooo much fun at T3. This is my personal seal clubbing machine.

For tiers V-VII, this is much trickier, but the title has to go to the La-5 and La-7. These planes have the right balance of enough speed to comfortably outrun most planes that challenge their maneuverability, and they can out-maneuver just about everything, with only the Yaks and spitfires giving me any trouble. Japanese fighters don't have the boost to keep up. 

With tiers VIII-X, I can't be as sure, since as of this posting I only have three tier X planes.
An honorable mention at T8 is the La-9. That little bugger with four 23 mm guns and a freaking rocket engine can out-climb almost anyone.
Also... only the La-11 can out-maneuver it at T8.

However, the best plane in this segment (for me) is the Lockheed F-94D Starfire. What's not to love? It's got the ONLY Gatling gun in the game, and it can carry very effective (since the buff) air-to-air rockets. The power and speed of this plane is legendary. I oftentimes joke that the F-94D is actually a tier X plane masquerading as a tier IX, since it is faster than many tier X machines. 

Other honorable mentions... 
Grumman F3F - incredible little barrel with wings. 
Polikarpov I-16L - 20 mm cannon on a zippy little flea demon that can change positions faster than a career politician.
Supermarine Spitfire I - The jack-of-all-trades of T5.
The entire Corsair line - From T6 to T8, very powerful planes armed with four 20 mm cannon makes for very dependable gameplay. 
Arsenal VB-10 - Because 40 seconds of boost is just so much fun.
Junkers Ju-87G Stuka - Because killing enemies with one or two shots with 37 mm cannon is just soooo satisfying!
Heinkel He-100 D-1 - Would be a phenomenal plane if it was armed with something other than staple guns...

A well-flown Ground Attack is worth at least 2 Fighters.

Starchitin #25 Posted 11 September 2017 - 08:08 AM

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Tiers 1-4: Tsh-3

Tiers 5-7: FW 189 and ME 265

Tiers 8+ I only have the IL 20 and IL 40 so far and it's hard to feel badass in either, no matter how much I enjoy flying the 40


Though, honestly, any time I manage to get Ace in an AA I feel pretty badass... until everyone gangs up on me in my next flight. It's like the bots KNOW.

Yagos2k16 #26 Posted 12 September 2017 - 12:31 PM

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Tiers I-IV Bf-110b

Tiers V-VII- FW-190D

Tier Viii- X - F7U

Oberhessen #27 Posted 13 September 2017 - 08:37 AM

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Tier I: I-15, Type-91

Tier II: KI-10

Tier III: F3F, TSh-3

Tier IV: BF110-B

Tier V: Spitfire I, Yak-1, FW 190-A1

Tier VI: KI61, F4U-1, P38F, Me410

Tier VII: Me265, F4U-4, P47-N, BF109-Z, IL-10

Tier VIII: F2G, XP-72, BV-P210, XF5U, KI94-II, IL-20, Me329

Tier IX:  F2H, Me262 HGII, Attacker

Tier X: Me262 HGIII, F7U



Pogo68 #28 Posted 15 September 2017 - 10:29 PM

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Planes that I "feel badass" in?

Tiers I-IV = Spad

Tiers V-VII = F4U1A

Tier VIII-X - F-86


Planes I'm actually "good" or do well in?

Tiers I-IV = Spad

Tiers V-VII = Bf-110E

Tier VIII- X - F2H-4

    1. Try to secure the upper hand before attacking.
    2. Always continue with an attack you have begun
    3. Open fire only at close range, and then only when the opponent is squarely in your sights
    4. You should always try to keep your eye on your opponent, and never let yourself be deceived by ruses
    5. In any type of attack, it is essential to assail your opponent from behind
    6. If your opponent dives on you, do not try run away from his attack, but fly to meet it
    7. When over the enemy's lines, always remember your own line of retreat
    8. It is better to attack in groups of four or six. Avoid two aircraft attacking the same opponent

_JollyRodge_ #29 Posted 24 October 2017 - 01:07 PM

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(New to WoWp) But I've actually enjoyed the t4 P-36 Hawk. with that mirror paint job with the red/orange nose stripes streaking down onto unsuspecting aircraft, seems like they never see it coming. just for me to roll out as my engines scream skyward

Raptor95662 #30 Posted 26 October 2017 - 03:28 PM

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P38J. No other plane matters.


Highest scoring US ace was P38 pilot so enough said HAHA.

Thornir #31 Posted 27 October 2017 - 03:30 AM

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I am surprised no one is mentioning the Beaufighter. Good lord what a beast!

Anubis_TD #32 Posted 30 October 2017 - 05:31 PM

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only to T7 with this game but...

For me the Ki-61, just is so dominant. Its fast, it turns and decent firepower.

All my best games are in it.

Beorn_of_the_NorthernSea #33 Posted 30 October 2017 - 05:43 PM

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Me 109 TL for me.  I LOVE that plane!



I am a newb scrub who started after 2.0.  I know...  I am truly sorry.  But this is looking fun!

ramp4ge #34 Posted 30 October 2017 - 08:32 PM

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Ki-61 is really good.


My best game so far though has been in the Ju-88P. 605 capture points. 


I love flying ground attack. 

Johnny_Wishbone #35 Posted 31 October 2017 - 06:58 AM

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P-38J.  Fast as a greased hog and fantastic energy retention.

Edited by Johnny_Wishbone, 31 October 2017 - 07:00 AM.

Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Chokai #36 Posted 31 October 2017 - 03:13 PM

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Damn look at all the people we lost. People with literal 10's of thousands of games.

The (not so) amazing Chokai is back! And he's hit all his personal goals sans one! Seriously though, nice to be back, looks like he game is improving. I continue to try to recruit new people.

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