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Actual Aerial Maneuvers?

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Dru83 #21 Posted 20 May 2017 - 04:58 PM

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Time to cut right to it with a blurb about the scissors maneuver. The scissors consists of a series of opposing turns. This is used to avoid fire from an enemy on your tail and to slow your aircraft to make them overshoot. Your plane should fly on a straight-ish path while constantly switching between turning left and turning right. This is similar to jinking, but the moves are less random and more planned out. The idea is to use the slowdown from the turns combined with cutting the throttle and lowering flaps to bring the enemy close. This generally results in many different good outcomes for you. The enemy will peel off to get a better shot, crash into you and kill themselves, overshoot and give you a good shot at them, get close enough for bombs, or if you're low enough, you can even get them to crash into the ground. The scissors can also be used in the vertical plane which often has even quicker results since gravity will slow you down faster.




I do this in my favorite low tier aircraft a lot, the Hs-123. The Hs-123 can quickly force opponents to overshoot by using the scissors to avoid fire and slow down. It can also bring them close enough to attempt a bomb kill, which is always fun.


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