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SICK TS Open Invite -For all, With -BONUS "I HATE SICK ICONS"

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MALICE_AT_BIRTH #1 Posted 19 April 2017 - 09:16 PM

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REDUX -  Hello All, I have asked the Recent Post to be removed - 


S.I.C.K. TeamSpeak Open Enrollment for WOWP NA Members!


And had it replaced with  this new Topic title - 


WHY SOJO? Well - Good Stuff, I have Added A few More Team Speak Icons to be awarded to any WOWP NA Player (Per Their Request) that Would like to accept the TeamSpeak (TS) Description Below!


As you can see, I have added the following Icons- 




Description of Icons - 



Thanks All,


Please come on Over to our S.I.C.K Teamspeak and hate Us, and get your Iconic Award, You can be awarded one, two or -all (3) Three (ICONS) per your Request!




Hello WOWP NA Players,



S.I.C.K is inviting and opening its TeamSpeak doors for every member, on the NA WOWP Server if they choose to accept.


Haters, pretenders, friends, Drunkards, cannibals, the disillusioned, atheists, Canadians, Martians, other clan player’s, whomever –


In all sincerity, many players might not have a Communications Hub like TeamSpeak to communicate with friends they fly with but don’t have a place to verbally communicate with each other, typing gets old.

I’m sure there can be several other reasons, but I have a large capacity TS Account and I am opening the doors for anyone seeking to uitilize TeamSpeak.


There is no catch, No SOJO recruiting Scheme or ploy; it’s truly a kind gesture, like I said; some pilots may not have the full immersion of flying with someone in which they can actually speak, and communicate with them in real time. Also it can be a communication hub for players to talk about updates, plane characteristics, idea’s etc, instead of typing in game about it, before the game, during the game; you get the drift I’m sure.


Anyhow, if you see me on line, feel free to jump in and I will grant you a “Friends Tag” and you’re welcome anytime.


Please download Teamspeak - I have provided you a link - Set up is easy, if you’re unsure, Google -  Teamspeak, how to download etc.




S.I.C.K Server Address –


No password necessary –


P.S. I’m not on Teamspeak 24/7 - So if you see me online in game, I am usually in SICK TS.









Edited by SOJO, 06 May 2017 - 01:21 AM.





Mackunaima #2 Posted 19 April 2017 - 09:29 PM

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I thought they deleted the old thread.. 

"Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?" - Gimli


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