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MiG-3, 12th GvIAP, Moscow Air Defense (PVO) March 1942

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MiG-3, 12th GvIAP, Vnukovo airport, Moscow Air Defence (PVO), March 1942.



The aircraft depicted in this skin is the subject of a well publicized black and white photo, that is a source of a lot of controversy about the actual appearance of the plane. I have included a copy of the photo in the compressed file.


First is the outer wings, there is a lot of heated discussion over their actual color. Some sources say they were green, likely AII Green, while others say they are red. Both sides have valid arguments but I have chosen to go with the red based on 2 points. The shade of the outer wing in the photo is nearly identical to the red star, a known color, on the fuselage. This, to me is a very strong point in favor of the red wing panels. Second, in my opinion the red wings looks better in game then the AII Green. (I know vanity but first argument is difficult to counter.


Next is the nose, again there is a lot of disagreement on the color, some say it is gray while others claim bare metal. It could be either but again a comparison with the shading on the lower portion of a single propeller blade, an area known to have been unpainted, the shading is nearly identical. Based on this I choose to leave engine cowling in bare metal.


Finally the upper surfaces of the tail. It is difficult from the photo to determine the proper color, but it is easy to see that it is not white, as the demarcation line between colors is easily seen. There are people that say they are white, others say the same shade of blue as the planes belly, while others say unpainted. I chose to leave them unpainted as the visible surface in the photo comes close to the cowling.


You can download it at: 12GvIAP.zip. You will also need the files to remove the Russian markings found HERE.  If you are using the Pigeon Pack found HERE you will not need the files to remove the Russian markings.


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