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Hawker Hurricane Mk I - Plane Resurrection

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For those of you who haven't seen it, Netflix has a BBC series called "Plane Resurrection", where people with too much money and too much time on their hands rebuild old warbirds and make them airworthy again.


Episode 2 of this series features a Hawker Hurricane Mk I that actually flew in the Battle of Britain, which was found rusting in the garden of a technical college in India, was crated up, shipped back to the UK, and made airworthy once again.

The Hurricane was an exceptionally stable gun platform, and the uniques structure of its wings allowed the 8x .303 Brownings to be packed close together for a highly concentrated cone of fire. It's adaptability to multiple mission profiles made it the workhorse of the RAF. While the Spitfire got the headlines, the Hurricane actually shot down many more planes, and fought in every theatre of WW II. It's simple construction made it capable of absorbing a tremendous amount of damage and still fly, and it easily repaired framework kept these planes flying, even after being shot down or crashing (the plane in this series was shot down once, and crashed three times).


You can see this historic rebuild here, if you have a Netflix account:



Check it out, it's definitely worth the watch.




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