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SOJO #21 Posted 29 December 2016 - 05:19 AM

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Remember -  IT'S A WAR GAME -  Not A flight Sim to look at the pretty Clouds Simulator and little Birdies! WAR IS MEAN AND NASTY BY THE WAY (FYI)




MARS_REVENANT #22 Posted 30 December 2016 - 04:25 AM


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View PostSOJO, on 25 December 2016 - 01:00 PM, said:

I love my Clan In game Icon! LOL (See Below)



If I were you I would add more murica to those pictures.


I never lose; either I win or I learn.

SOJO #23 Posted 02 January 2017 - 02:17 AM

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SICK to do Clan Raffles - 


Refer to link - 






SOJO #24 Posted 11 January 2017 - 11:37 PM

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View PostSOJO, on 20 December 2016 - 09:39 PM, said:






“Death's gruesome face taunts:
soulless eyes, crimson grimace.
I really hate clowns.” 




In Game Clan Art (Aircraft Decal)



Hello All and Welcome to (SICK)    


My vision for this Clan differs from the stereotypical Clan Requirements that you may have grown accustomed to from previous clans, guilds, from this game and others MMO(S) you have enjoyed during your on-line gaming experience.


Requirements – Simple; Straight to the Point - No Clan Application, The only thing I expect is a winning attitude, a player that hates to lose, and lastly a good Wingman!



Allow me to explain why my requirements are mandated as is –


Wargaming has no End Game Content i.e. No Clan Wars, Tournaments Etc, 


 60% or better win rate overall - If anyone drops below 60% they will have 3 weeks to meet and regain the standard or they will be removed from the Clan.


  1. A minimum of 2500 Games Played - Again – (i.e. Tier 1) 2500 Games Played 60% Win rate or better you’re in!
  2. No Specific Tier Requirement - See above
  3. High Tiers are not required – I am not worried about it! No Clan Wars etc.
  4. If you have an unofficial ALT account - if one Account meets the standard - Good to go!
  5.  ADULT(s) 18 and OVER - R-RATED CLAN!


  •  (TS Chat and SICK Community Relations)   Note - Once I invite you I will provide you with the (SICK) Teamspeak Info !


  1. I don’t care if my players like each other or not, or like me! – Look, personally I don’t like some of the players I play with - BUT that player is a Great Player, I play to Win, its Show Time not Show Friends. If you need a warm and fuzzy hug go buy a Teddy Bear!


  1. If two players in my clan have a problem - I will have a “SHACK ROOM” via; TS - Take it down there and scream at each other – SO WHAT! You’re on a head set and a Microphone, You’re not physically at the Bar - Hearing about your hurt feelings will annoy me!


  • In Game Attitudes -


  1. If a Clan Member/player(s) insults and calls out someone who is being ignorant, doing stupid stuff in game -  SO BE IT -  Wargaming can Enforce their EULA on that Specific Player, I AM NOT HERE to Do Wargaming’s Job, That Player should be an Adult and suffer his or her own consequences for their actions, If they get Suspended, Chat Banded, So Be it!


  1. If some other player complains about one of my players, they CAN SUBMIT A TICKET, Report in Game, or place that specific player on ignore – That Complainers Sniffling is not my concern!!




I do preach Common Sense - I will not accept A racist in my Clan who openly and maliciously offended someone’s real life believes or practices - Yes He or she, would be kicked out of the clan immediately, I will personally report that individual to Wargaming for such an offense - Players insulting players about World of Warplanes and all that’s involved is Wargamings EULA Responsibility not mine -

On a personnel level I would never Condone Threats of Physical Violence, Political Views, medical disabilities,  Sexual related, Race related, or religious ridicule of anyone in a public forum be it Written or Verbal i.e. TS Communication - That rhetoric and Banting encompasses World of Warplanes (Game-Play ONLY)!



If you are interested in joining, send me a forum email, in game message, etc; I will check your overall winning percentage, 60% or better, 2500 Games played, you’re in!




http://na.wargaming.net/clans/       (Search SICK) e.g. World of Warplanes – Check for the Join Clan Icon/Info


Thank you for your Interest!












Briefly –


I have been receiving responses to my clan invites from players that would like to join BUT –


(1)They fly solo and don’t want to join a clan because they don’t want the pressure of flying with someone cause they feel they have to –


  • SOJO  (SICK) CLARIFICATION #1 “ Feel free to fly Solo with a SICK Clan Tag, you are being recruiting because you show an aptitude for common sense, Technical proficiency, multitasking skills, and display a grasp on Situational awareness”.


(2) I don’t play enough (Casual Player) and feel I will be doing a disservice to the Clan –


  • SOJO  (SICK) CLARIFICATION #2 “Feel free to play when you want without the pressures of clan meetings, forced training, etc.  , you are being recruiting because you show an aptitude for common sense, Technical proficiency, multitasking skills, and a have grasp on Situational awareness”.


(3) I'm not really a social person, kind of stand offish –


  • SOJO  (SICK) CLARIFICATION #3 “ Not a problem -  Welcome -  60% win rate, 2500 plus games played you’re in– Play from a deserted island for all I care.


(4) I don’t speak English –


  • SOJO  (SICK)CLARIFICATION #4 “I don’t speak Swahili - Were Even - 60% win rate, 2500 games played you’re in. Heck, we have people in this game that are men that pretend their women -  I don’t care!! “60% win rate, 2500 games played you’re in”.


(5) I don’t like SHOCKO JAMBO –


  • SOJO (SICK) CLARIFICATION # 5  "I don't either"! - 60% win rate, 2500 games played you’re in.


I hope this has cleared up some of your concerns –


In a nutshell - I don't believe you're an idiot, that’s why you’re being recruited.


Have a good day,








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