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Junkers Ju.87G Stuka - Revisiting the Kanonenvogel

Ju.87G Stuka TbM Video Guide

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MagusGerhardt #1 Posted 14 October 2016 - 07:52 PM

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It's been quite some time since my initial review and guide on the Junkers Ju.87G "Stuka" Kanonenvogel, or Cannon Bird.  If I remember right, the first one was done shortly before the line came out using footage from the public test server and the quality of my voiceover was just very poor and unsatisfying for me.  So, here's a redo in the environment of the Japanese Threat event, where one team was Axis and the other Allies.


In this setting the Stuka would play phase I of the match as an anti-IL combatant.  During this time the Stuka could also make a meal of any oblivious heavy or multirole fighter that was flying low and making a beeline for the nearest high value ground target.  Aircraft flying in a straight line at a constant speed are the best targets for a 37mm equipped Stuka, and if it's not an IL you are shooting at it likely will die on the first connecting hit.  Often, as is the case in this video, the enemy team would lose in phase I so horribly that the Stuka would not get a chance to go after ground targets of its own.  I usually did not mind this, however.  As can be seen here, if I defended aggressively enough I could walk away from a battle with over 100 Superiority points earned without firing a single shot at a stationary target.


If you are just picking up the Stuka I have a few pieces of advice for you.  First, get the cannon upgrade as quickly as possible.  The Stuka D with the 20mm guns is just hopeless in every way.  She should carry bombs, but she doesn't.  She should be able to kill ground targets, but she can't, and it takes a LONG time to kill anything with the 20s even if they refuse to overheat.  Second, get to know these 37mm guns inside and out.  You'll use them the rest of the time you're in the Stuka and they are the first gun you have on the Ju.88P as well.  If you like to suffer, the 37mm appears on the useless Hs.129 as well.


Speaking of the Duck, yeah I'll review that plane, too...I can sum it up now, though.  "Why fly this thing when the IL-2 and Stuka G exist at the same tier?"


Good hunting!  :honoring:


Bonus content!  Here's the highlight reel of my Stuka's life during the Japanese Threat event:


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