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Raizei #1 Posted 03 August 2016 - 06:38 PM

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Greetings Pilots!


My apologies for having this thread out late. I was out sick with a cold the past couple days but slowly recovering now.


Patch was deployed yesterday and there were a lot of great features included. From new animal camouflage skins to optimizations and balancing. 


For a full list of what is included in this patch, please click here to see the full patch notes.


We are looking for any issues that you've encountered in the new updates and we want to ensure that these issues get reported with your help!


If an issue prevents you from playing the game (game crashes, connectivity, can't navigate the menus for various reasons), we would like for you to please report these issues directly to the Customer Support Team.


Our Support Team will try and assist you by troubleshooting your reported issue. Before they can begin this process, they will need to obtain some information from you to help them determine how to help you.


When creating a ticket to the Support Team, they will require this information:


  • Dxdiag Report
  • Crash Dump file(s) - if applicable
  • Recent game log file that was generated at the time of your issue
  • Description of how you encountered the issue


If the Support Team is unable to resolve your issue after exhausting all of their options, the issue will be escalated to the Development Team for review.


If the issue is related to a feature of the game that doesn't seem like it is working (Graphical issues, mechanics, AI behavior) but doesn't impact your ability to play the game, we would like to collect that information here!


This is so we can find out how many players are being affected by the issue(s) and allow us to report them based on severity. If you can include descriptions and screenshots of the issue, that would be greatly appreciated!


Information on how to obtain what the Support Team requires, please check out this page for details:

How to obtain the information needed to report issues


Good hunting!



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