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My Logitech Wingman Joystick Guide

Joystich Logitech Wingman

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Lou #1 Posted 26 July 2016 - 02:53 AM

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I wrote a Joystick guide a couple years ago, and it's been in the dead thread archive for awhile now. So to help everyone that needs it, Here's my new and improved guide!


This is how I have the curve on my stick set. This is the 'Roll" axis screenshot, all other (Pitch,Yaw) axis are set similarly to this pic.

The Diagonal line represents the length of one half of the one axis of your joysticks travel: For example, Pitch axis would be joystick centered, push forward till it stops. THAT amount of travel.


Go to your "Advanced Joystick Settings" tab in your options, Click the "signal Correction" tab.

Dragging the "bar" below the diagonal line slows the response.

Raising the bar speeds it up.

Click on the bar in the box and make "points" that you can move around.

The way to read my bar in the picture is, response is a little slower than normal for a good three quarters of the axis travel, then towards the end of it, it speeds up.


That gives me finer control over the little movements (aiming) and when I need to move more urgently the response is sped up at the end of the joystick travel, where all the violent maneuvering occurs. This gives you a smoother and finer touch around the joystick center of travel, and accelerates the movements the farther from center the joystick travels through its axis.


Dead zone is set at 5% for all axis

Joystick threshold is set at 19-21%

Turn Antialiasing to 0% for all axis.


I am including a screenshot of my throttle settings as well.

This gives me a little travel near max thrust(the black area above 100% in the pic) to be at 100% throttle, nudge it to the stop and boost kicks in.


These are a good place to start from, Flavor to your liking!

cddlbunny #2 Posted 26 July 2016 - 04:43 AM

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Yes, this is what I am looking for. Have a Extreme Pro by Logitech and tried it yesterday. Results were was all over the place in it. Will have to try this and see how it works.

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