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7thArmoredCavalry #21 Posted 02 April 2016 - 05:10 PM

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best of 5

planes battle: winner gains bonus for next battle(wows) shutout=option to bring 2 cv, 1-3 losses= 1 cv 4-5 losses=0 cv

ships battle  same bonus idea but i don't know enough about tanks (any ideas)

tanks battle (assault) shutout= 2 ga 1-3= 1 ga 4-5= 0 ga

Planes battle (most gt destroyed) 

and so on


GWS/GWG did an in house WWIII in January in the order Noreaga outlines. We did 3 battles in planes, 3 in ships, and 3 in tanks with 2 teams and we did it in tier 1. All the players had to do 2 of the 3 games. Planes & Tanks, Planes & Ships, or Tanks & Ships. The tier one limit made it easy for crossovers to get involved since it didn't cost a right arm and left appendage. It also limited the choices of what you flew/drove/sailed.


It turned out pretty well as we're seeing interest growing. Mostly tanks because that's where you can win gold. We took a 5 man squad out into a formal tier 4 WOT Skirmish and finished in the money. Admittedly we didn't finish in the top 20 but we got paid. In talking to the other teams in the skirmish many of them can finance themselves, in the game, from their winnings.


I'm a crossover myself from Tanks and still learning the Planes/Ships side of WG. WWIII was a good learning experience for everybody. 


For me, competition at this point in the game does not have to be Clan Wars. It has to be rewarding. This game seems to lack that feature.







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