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What do you think is the best and worst of each line?

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Dru83 #21 Posted 19 April 2017 - 01:03 PM

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I've been enjoying seeing other folks thoughts on the various planes, especially what they though was the worst of each line.



American Lights (up to T7)


Best: P-51D

Worst: P-51A - decent plane, just got tired of having 4 MGs when everyone else had more or cannons


American Heavies (at T6)


Not a big fan of the P-38s as they have less boost and weaker weapons compared to the 110 and 410. They are fun for boomin and zoomin, but I've just been caught unable to zoom away at times and turned into swiss cheese.


American Naval fighters (at T7) :


Best: F4U-1 - This is a nice plane in its tier, not the best, but fun to fly and those 4 20mm's really pack a punch

Worst: F2A - The Buffalo just can't get out of it's own way. It's only strong point is durability, other wise it just gets turned into swiss cheese.


American Thunder Bolt line (at T6)


Best: P47B - For some reason this is so much better than the rest of the line just rolls better and turns better... It's still a flying brick though. Likes to dive and not much else.

Worst: Hmm... not sure here... probably the XP-44. They're all difficult to get used to because they can't turn at all really. Once you get used to the whole Boom and zoom thing it gets easier and they can take a ton of damage.


Russian Fighters (up to T5 in all but Yak-1 line):


Best: I just like the I-16 L. It's just a weird, quirky little airplane and a great TnB plane.

Worst: Mig 3 - I have trouble getting this thing to climb up to higher altitudes and doing the BnZ thing with it. It's just not for me. Can't get enough altitude or speed to really get the zoom part of things going on.


Of the other fighter lines, the Lagg is nice and fun to fly, though a little under powered in the gun department. The Yak 7 and 9 are like flying shotguns. At range, they aren't very useful, but get close to someone and the cannon will take care of business quickly. I just hate waiting to upgrade to the big canon.


Russian GA line (at T7):


Best: Il-8 - awesome bombs and rockets, great durability, and just fun to fly

Worst: Bsh-2 - No tail gunner and bad turning ability makes you a sitting duck. Wish it had a little more firepower too.


German early fighters: (I got the FW 159 and HE- 112)


Best: He-112 - It's like a 109 that can actually turn a little

Worst: I think all the earlier fighters I tried were pretty decent.

Later fighters: (T5)


FW line - The FW just doesn't work too well for me, but then I'm not a big fan of the boom and zoom thing and I know plenty of folks out there that like them.

Bf 109 line - The Emil is just hard to get to altitude and hard to get much speed when approaching enemies initially. I'm just not good at flying it I guess.


German Heavies

Best: Bf-109Z I don't know that it's the best, but it's certainly the most fun to play and the craziest looking plane ever.

Worst: I guess the AO 192. It's just ungainly and hard to get used to, and many fighters in it's tier are faster.


German GAs (at T6)

Best: Ju-87 Stuka This makes a nice little anti-attack plane plane. I miss having bombs, but it turns nice and the guns cool surprisingly fast. Faster than on Il-2 anyway. I also like the FW 189, with more maneuverability than the Russian attack planes, it's fun to shoot down the Russian GAs

Worst: Ju-88 It's fun to fly, but has limited maneuverability compared to the rest of the line. Yes, it can kill most planes in 1-2 shots, but it's so hard to aim that cannon at planes.




Japanese Army (T6)

Best: Ki-61, Ki-43

Worst: Haven't really found anything I don't like here, they're exactly what you'd think. Super light, maneuverable, and fun to fly, but with low firepower and will get turned into wreckage in seconds if you don't turn away from enemies


Japanese Navy (T5)

Best: Haven't really had much success here, guess I'd say the T4 A6M1.

Worst: A6M2 - For what they are, I'd really like them to be a tad easier to turn and I wished they had a better role rate. Takes too long to reverse direction. What can I say, I've just had way more luck with the Army line than the Zeros.


British Light Fighters (at T7):

Best: Anything called Spitfire, but specifically the tier 5 Spit 1

Worst: Bristol 133




British Multi/Heavy fighters (at T5)

Best: Hmm... the best brit heavy I've flown is my Chinese Mosquito...

Worst: Blenheim, Beaufighter - These things are basically converted bombers and they fly like it. They can barely climb at all. Their only advantage is a lot of forward firepower, other than that, they're basically ground attack planes. If someone gets on your tail in one of these, there's not much you can do except dive and pray your buddies shoot them down.







Zapperguy #22 Posted 19 April 2017 - 02:56 PM

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I've got too many planes. I can't fairly judge something like this because there are a lot of planes I haven't flown in many, many patches and I have no idea what they are like now.


The cannon changes borked so many previously good planes that several of my favorites became, meh.


I agree from what I recall with most of the OPs thoughts on this.



I still love the Pancake, but the cannon nerf kicked that plane right in the groin. At one time you could melt a healthy GA in one, maybe 2 passes. Now, you struggle to kill a fighter in one pass with universal ammo. The rest of the US lines are decent, I just don't fly them that much.


Russia (non GAs)

At one point my favorite plane in the game was the I-16(l). When I started in CBT it was more maneuverable than it is now and had 260 firepower at tier 4! It was a monster. Repeated nerfs brought the firepower to a mere 98 at release and for some time afterwards. It's been "buffed" to 125 now, which is still less than half of what it used to be. I find all of the Russian fighter/MR planes to be decent until you reach the highest tiers - see below.


Germany (non GAs)

I'm not a fan of most of the German planes. I don't like traditional BnZ tactics; I'd much rather chase & turnfight. I don't find many German planes that can keep up with the other nations in that regard.

Favorite is the Ar 65. I only fly it for my daily x2, but I love flying that twitchy little plane. I've bomb killed a ton of low tier, stat-padding trolls with that plane, and little else in the world brings me that sort of joy.

Honorable mention goes to the Fw57 - good guns, decent TG for the tier, and 6 big bombs for bomb killing. I don't have a bomb-kill-only Ace yet, but that's the plane I'll likely use to get one.



I like the Blenny & Beau, and I feel the Mosquito & Hornet are not like they once were. Non being a BnZer, I really struggled with the 1056 and the 228. I believe they are decent planes, just not when I'm flying them. The Spit I is probably my favorite in that line.



I still occasionally fly my zeroes, but I find that they are not particularly competitive anymore, esp the t6. I also loathe the A7M. The t8-10 IJN line are all good IMO (I have a low ping - might make a diff with accuracy on those derp cannons).  The IJA line are all decent planes and can hold their own.



The IL-20 is a flat out beast. The TSh-3 is a powerhouse and mows down everything in it's path. I have my Russian female pilot in my IL-40P, and that makes for some interesting battles. I like the IL-2(t), but it got some sort of nerf along the way that softened its punch. They completely broke the LBSh - it was a beast at tier 4 vs both air & ground. Now the cannons are hot before they're loaded at the start of a battle. My favorite German GA is the Me 1099B - speedy, 4 bombs for bomb killin', solid TGer, and a big cannon. The Me 265 is a great GA for going after other planes.


High Tier Fighters

I feel like German and Russian t9-10 fighters don't match up with MRs, HFs, and GAs like they do at lower tiers. Grinding out most of those high tier fighters was a struggle. The US and UK high tier fighters are better than their counterparts, but still seem almost out of place with some of the other high tier plane types.



I'll list my favorites in no particular order. Pegasus, XP-31, Ki-33, Do 17 Z-7, Ki-43-Ic, XP-75, VB-10.

The worst is WG's "thank you" for being in CBT:  XP-77

Psicko23 #23 Posted 20 April 2017 - 06:33 AM

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Ooh. I actually didn't make my list now that I revisited it.


American planes: 

Lights: best p51h (highest I have). Worst p51a.

Heavies: best p38f (OP in tier). The worst is F7F.

Multi- best F-94D. Worst f4f? Maybe it's just me. 



109 line: best 209A. Worst T7 109G

FW line: best TA 152, worst T5 FW190A-1

Heavies: best HG2, worst 110E(not bad, but p38f kills it in t5 heavies)



Navy: best t4, worst t5. (I only have t5 or t6)

Army: all the ones I have are good. 



Heavies: best t8, worst t6

Others: best Seafang, worst T6 Spitfire



LA line: best LA9(all are good), worst LA160? La160 is a drastic change from the rest of the line. 

Mig line: best 220. Worst 210.

Yak line: best yak1m, worst t7 and above

Yak multi role line: all good, provided you have low ping and can hit with the massive cannons.


My all time favorites are F-94d, TA152, Lagg3-34, and anything with rockets. 


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