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Developers' answers, Part I

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1. Trees of aircraft nations
*Enter the following trees of the following countries:
- Germany (Luftwaffe) and the AXIS (premium aircraft)
- U.S.A.
- United Kingdom (RAF)
- Japan
- Italy
The first three nation trees are in development

The main task of bombers (slow and vulnerable targets in aerial battle) – to break through the enemy defense under the cover of friendly fighters and quickly, efficiently and with a single pass to destroy their targets.
Heavy horizontal bombers do not fit our gameplay. They will be introduced in the game, but under the control of bots: players will need to protect or, on the contrary, to intercept bombers.

Planned. At high tiers.

*Flying Saucers of Ahnenerbe (as premium)
Yes, also planned. Their introduction will be synchronized with an introduction of Vril battle mages in World of Tanks  :rolleyes: .

*Self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery units (as kind of bot, under a player control, located near the base of a team or separately, depending on the battle modes, different types of these vehicles with additional modules introduced in the tech tree of each nation).
Yes, we want to implement it feature. If it works – it will be implemented in the game.

*Reconnaissance aircrafts
Low level planes or light fighters could fulfill the function of reconnaissance units. Reconnaissance itself, as an important part of the gameplay, is going to be introduced.

*Poorly armed aircraft with a huge range of target detection. And with a very powerful radio station in addition.
At this moment our vision of such an airplane:  a heavy fighter in night missions configuration. We’re planning to realize. Possibly.

*Diversify the plane tree even up to several variants of engines to mount.
Several variants of engines? Absolutely!

*For the sea battles, if they will be introduced, you need to enter the branch of carrier aviation, hydroplanes, such as “Sea Dart”, with the possibility to take-off and landing on the water surface, vertical take-off  and landing aircraft designed as prototypes in the late 40s and built in the early 50s. Or at least (to fit the time frame of the in-game vehicles) some models of the carrier-based aircraft of Japan and the United States, as these vehicles were massively built starting from the middle 20-ies. And, for example, with the ability to take-off and landing to refuel and ammunition upload on aircraft carriers.
The landing is still in the experimental stage. And it is not the fact that it will be implemented at all. Float seaplanes, convertible airplanes, gyroplanes and helicopters have not being planned yet.  

2. Consumables: blocks and modules.

Fuel additives as well as consumables for gold will be implemented.

*Additional armor plating, reinforced skin of wings, stronger propeller, increased fuel tank, control surface and cockpit protection, tracers, various types of sights…
We’re planning to introduce it in game. Something of the above-mentioned is a part of leveling, the rest of it – consumables for credits and gold.

*Radar – Range of view increased up to 25%/50%/75%/100% (depends on the tier)
We will see. We keep radar in mind. Especially for the purposes of night battles, if they will be represented in the game.

*Make few extra slots for the airplane for permanent perks.
Slots for perks? Rather crewmembers will have perks and skills. And there also will be slots for additional modules. How many – too early to say more .

*It may be useful to implement afterburning function as module (it can be activated for 10-20 seconds).
Afterburning, in a varying degree, will be represented for all types of engines. Special construction solutions (pressurization, fuel mixture injection etc.) will be implemented separately. It is too early to discuss the details so far.

*Premium modules for premium aircrafts (and not for premium only)
Most likely, modules that can be purchased for gold won’t be implemented.

*What do you think about implementation of a consumable “Mirror” and function of automatic alert “Check six” (you can, for example, display a sub screen in the bottom corner of the interface with the picture of enemy aircraft on your tail)
Retrospect mirror is not excluded as a possible module. We’ll see. Automatic warning that you had someone on your “six” will not be implemented.

*Free retrospect mirror only for German planes as they had mirrors historically. And implement mirrors for aircrafts of other nations as chargeable consumables as did not have mirrors.
Really? Only German aircraft did?

*Are you planning to introduce a guided air-to-air missile?
Guided missiles – not in this game. As well as remote controlled bombs. But rocket projectiles will be represented in game.

*Jammer also should be implemented in the development tree, but as removable equipment. Function: disables the enemy radar (all of them within a certain radius).
Perfect trolling of allies, isn’t it?

*Implement parachute as consumable module, for example, 3000 credits for a single use or 200 of gold for permanent use for 1 crew member. At the same time this consumable does not refer to the modules of the aircraft (as new additional consumable for the crew in case of bailing out).
Selling parachutes to pilots – a bit immoral, isn’t it?

*Machine guns of various calibers with various types of ammunition… and as premium ammunition implement shell bullets…
Various barrels of various calibers would be introduced (be sure). Various types of ammunition will be implemented also.

*Cannons up to 75 mm caliber, as it was mounted on some prototypes of German warbirds…
We’ll see. First of all we need to mount such cannon on an aircraft and test it (is it suitable for the game process or not). Uber-caliber cannon also means low ammunition capacity. Well, the aircraft could also be damaged during the shooting because of the weapon recoil force.

*Bombs should be of various types and weight, rocket projectiles, torpedoes…
Various types and weight of bombs are already planned to be represented. Hopefully the bomb attack will be represented in an interesting way for our players. Rocket projectiles will be represented. Torpedoes – it’s too early to confirm that they will be implemented, as here you can face some problems.  Iа you have a torpedo carrier, then a random battle over the desert will be obviously not the one you want to join. Furthermore, some specific technical issues should be solved also.

-Frame construction (suspension) as it was improved, what increased the stress load of the plane.
-Wing (turret). Increase in size of the wing or wingspan made it possible to vary the type of armament or increase the amount of barrels.
-Radar (Radio)
-Armament (machine guns, cannons, bombs etc.)
All the mentioned above is in the considering stage, plus something else. But this is not the final decision.

-Jammer (reduces the detection radius)
-Aircraft motor gasoline or kerosene additives (speed )
-Ground guidance equipment (increases the radius of a radar) limitation: attack aircrafts
-Smoke producer (reduced visibility)
-Metal with admixtures (increased protection)
-Range scope (range target detection)
-Scope-sight (aiming speed)
-Fire extinguisher
- Oxygen breathing masks
Some of these things will be represented, but some of them you haven’t listed. No comments at the moment.

*The possibility to purchase tracer bullets and the possibility to load ammunition strip on your own (for example: I want each 3rd or 5th shell to be the tracer)
We’re working on the similar idea.

*The possibility of your own ammunition load (gun, machine gun), one armor piercing – two high explosives and vice versa. Even the whole ammunition strip full of high explosives or armor piercing shells. I mean the ability to load the ammunition on your own (for each particular combat).
Yes, it’s going to be represented in-game. If it works well – it will be represented for sure.

*Consumable “First aid kit” should be used only for bombers, because there is no one who could help in a single-pilot aircraft.
“First aid kit” is still on consideration.

*Trimming device with ON and OFF positions.
Rudder and elevator trim tab at various altitudes and with additional weaponry won’t be introduced. It’s too hardcore feature for our game.

*Equipment failure” due to the air combat damages: a loss of view types or, perhaps, some specific devices malfunction as fuel level gauge or fuel-oil cooler.
Nope, too complicated for the game. Players have to fight with their enemies but not with their aircraft.

*Fuel limit has to be introduced in the game (it could be tied to a timer but not to an engine power).
- First of all it will gives some advantages to some models of aircraft (the famous Yak-9D) and suspended equipment (fuel intake from suspended fuel tanks first, and after the terminal stage they could be dropped). These suspended tanks are to reduce the characteristics of the aircraft due to the additional weight, but in the long view would give the possibility to see out an enemy.
-The second point is the ability to set up combat characteristics with various filling of fuel tanks (30% - an aircraft could stay aloft not for a long time and soon will have to go back to base and turning his back to the enemy – but at the beginning of the air combat he had a tenuous superiority in maneuverability.
Even the half of the fuel tank will be more than enough for the duration of our air combats. You won’t have to fly 40 minutes to reach the target.

*Reduce the amount of the dangerous areas (covered with AAA) is especially true for the expected bombers/assault planes as they could be destroyed with a single projectile hit.
We should respect the historicity then. If the fuel tank could explode then we should not deprive our future top gun pilots of the opportunity to splinter the enemy aircraft.

*And one more thing, it will also untie round from the duration limit.
No. The limitation of round duration is a really necessary measure.

*Lend-lease fuel could be introduced as a consumable for the Soviet aircrafts.
I think each nation will have their own fuel additives.

*As I understand the ammunition limit will be implemented. So, here arises a question: is the module of additional ammunition for the gunners will be implemented also?
The ammunition limit is not going to be implemented for gunners. Player does not control them, so we are not going to pump money from the players with inexperienced crews.

*Aircraft models:
You should implement the following aircraft types:
- BI-1
-Il-2 I (fighter modification) – as a premium aircraft
- Kyushu J7W Shinden
- Р-59
- Messerschmitt Me-262 German jet fighter – as a premium aircraft
- Heinkel He-178 V1
- Heinkel He-280 V1
- Arado Ar-234
- Ме-163
- Me-163 "Komet"
No comments on the aircraft list for now.

*It would be great if the guns control system will be implemented. For example, bombers have top, bottom, front and rear  guns (American bombers as B-17). You can realize the function when the third-person gun sight will be sliding through all 360 degrees and shooting at a target with a certain fire unit of the aircraft. So, for example, when the gun sight aims to 3 o’clock you can shoot from the right firing unit, when the target on your 6 o’clock – rear gunner will be firing at a target. And if the rear gunner is wounded or killed/ then the shooting will be not available.
The gunners will be bots and the direct control will not be provided. Shooting sector of each fire unit will be implemented according to the real ones on each aircraft. And yes, you will be able to wound or kill the gunners.

*Each aircraft type should have its own absolute “ceiling” and energy loss coefficient depending on the altitude.
Engine power depending on the altitude has already been implemented (not set up in a proper way of course).

*Planes should have the bottom-camouflage of the sky-blue color and the top-camouflage of the terrain colors. This will help to complicate detection of the enemy without markers.
Visibility changing depending on the particular surface (terrain) is planned.

*Make it possible to mount not only machine guns of the same type, but also different types of machine guns.
This feature will possibly be implemented.

*If the afterburner is turned ON for too long period of time it could lead to the overheating of the engine and as a result – jamming.
Jamming – won’t be represented. Loss of power that requiring repair – will be represented.

*Loss of speed as a result of intensive fire from heavy guns (20-mm and above), guns failure.
Failures of weaponry if it not damaged will not be implemented. Overheating – doubtfully. Influence on the behavior of the aircraft – possibly. At least the increase of spread effect while shooting has already been represented.

*High-G lead to the loss of the aircraft control or the dimming of the monitor till the blackout.
Doubtfully. High-G overload effect possibly will be implemented. Blackout or redout will not be implemented for sure as they are too annoying while playing. This is a client display feature and some “skillful individuals” will turn it OFF immediately.

*You can implement high-G effect warning as a redout or muting when the G-effect is exceeding.
Yes – it’s going to be represented as an interface element.

*Would it be possible to beat back the fire and to restart the engine? This element would solve the problem of starting the engine (certain random value of this possibility). I would say it could put some adrenaline buzz in the game – when the plane falls to the ground as a dead bird and the pilot (player) hammers the button, hearing the engine groaning and trying to restart itself.
We’re going to think it over as a feature. At the moment it seems that the option with a gradual loss of power up to a complete stop before the end of the battle is more suitable for the gameplay.  Or until the fatal contact with the ground.

*Missions, tournaments and other…
You can implement so-called “daily missions”. If the player successfully completes it he will get a small additional amount of credits and experience.
It will be implemented if it realized successfully. Not soon for sure.

*You should add some types of transport aircrafts (special cargo and troops carrier planes). As a result – the additional goal for the mission – to destroy the enemy troops carrier (or destroy the enemy paratroopers), including of the possibility of the foolish death as the propeller entrapped by the rigging lines. A single paratrooper (spy/scout/raider) can be delivered by usual aircraft (as a co-pilot).
It’s better to shoot the aircraft than a man. Interception of bombers and, perhaps, transport aircrafts (some day) is scheduled.

*Add the real missions of the WWII where the players will be divided into 2 teams (the player will  be representing the side of the conflict according to the plane he choose – German, Russian, American or Japan…). Players of both sides are carrying the sort of staged combat – weather conditions, map and the composition are to be closed to the real historical fight.  You can implement it as a separate combat mode – I’m sure it will be interesting.
Historical battles are seems to be implemented as Actions or Events. Confrontations of nations as one of the major combat modes will not be represented. We’re creating the game about planes – not about the struggle of ideologies.

*Can you add some quests (shoot down a certain number of aircraft or something like that)? It could be non-obligatory feature for a player but provide additional credits and experience income. This quests could be given randomly. A player could accept the quest or deny it.  If the quest was accepted and failed the player receive a penalty, if accepted and succeed he will get a bonus.
First of all, the awards for the successful actions in a combat will be implemented as in WoT – as medals, without special rewards and payouts. Some randomization of the ground targets and victory conditions will be represented as well. Special quests – doubtfully.

*Game mechanics:
Can you implement some tasks and their changing according to the appropriate map (random tasks)?
It is planned to implement some random ground targets which should be found. And, of course, these targets will be randomized with reference to appropriate map.

*There is need of extensive support of various controllers.
Yes, we are working on this issue. Even now the game supports the following controllers: joystick, gamepad, keyboard and mouse. There is still a lot to be refined but we are working on it. Pedals, throttle and other devices will be also supported.

*It would be great if you implement random night combats, for example, each 10 combats will be the night ones.
If we will succeed to solve some technical problems it will be implemented.

*Preservation of historical accuracy, I mean the performance characteristics of the aircraft should be close to reality. Historical accuracy should be implemented because during WWII a lot of aircraft types and their modifications were built and this huge number of vehicles can help you to represent widely spreaded tec trees without “paper project” of the secret experimental design office which performance characteristics were known only by their designers.
I’m afraid there is a little chance to refuse “paper projects”. All that can be promised (as in WoT) – we will respect the real historical accuracy. And the in-game aircraft characteristics will be closely tied to the performance characteristics of the correspondent aircraft in reality (and, of course, according to the needs of the game process). Our game is absolutely NOT the simulator – our main goal to reflect the character of the vehicle, but not to reproduce it.

*The battle maps should be really large/extensive to hold not only 15x15 battles but also 30x30 players.
Frankly speaking, for 15x15 players battles you need rather extensive maps; moreover, we want our air combats to be comfortable for our players and to throw them into one huge dogfight where one cannot notice who’s shooting at him. A 30x30 battle it is more complicated to be organized properly than a 15x15. Unorganized dogfight does not suit our game concept because the skill of a player is really doesn’t matter in it.

*I wonder if the suspension slots will be implemented in game (wings and fuselage). I mean, this will be cool if there will be suspension slots where you can mount additional machine guns/cannons, guide rails for rockets projectiles or suspend bombs. You can also keep them empty to save weight and to refine the aerodynamics.
Yes, all these features will be represented.

*You should introduce the marking system (empty circles) to mark the enemies at a certain distance – for you and for your nearby allies.
Various interface markers and notifications in the early development stage so far. Something like that will be implemented for sure.

*The possibility to bail out to save the life of a pilot.
This question is a part of a broader problem of the premature leaving of a battle. In development.

*I’m waiting for more or less arcade type of control but with maintaining of the real aircraft behavior and operation of all aircraft systems (ailerons, flaps, rudders etc.) in the air.
We’re working on it. More likely the flaps will be automatic. Arcade mode is supposed to have a kind of semi-automatic control of rudder and ailerons.

*It would be interesting to see the opportunity to perform aerobatic maneuvers to evade the enemy fire.
Our flight-model allows performing the aerobatics maneuvers.

*Possibly it will make sense to give the experience points according to the difficulty of the flight-model settings. For example, I set the easiest difficulty mode, won and got 200 of experience, and if I set the hard difficulty mode and won - got my 500 of experience for the same result in battle. This option will help you to bring both: people who do not understand the physics of flight, and leave the simulation of the flight (a pilot becomes more skillful and will turn on more difficult mode of the game). Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m trying to think logically. However, you cannot turn all the real-flight features at all: spin stall, for example. If one plane can fall into a tailspin and the other turned this option off – the result is more than obvious. But the shaking, ground effect, reverse propeller moment, or a simplified landing (lack of the porpoise and nose over) won’t be a really great problem.
Gyroscopic moment, tailspin, aircraft alignment change during the battle – not arcade features. At the same time, we have 2 different types of mouse aircraft control: expert mode (difficult, but the aircraft is under the direct control) and arcade mode (a player indicates the direction of the flight – other functions are under AI control). The player who mastered the expert mode will always have the advantage over his “arcade mode control” enemy.

*Yaw, roll…
Yes, they are already represented in game.

*Ability to disable the auto-aiming (optional) and additional experience if it is disabled.
The possibility to use of auto-aiming is still on consideration.

*Displaying of a life pilot model in a cockpit (his head following the direction of view, pilot toggles buttons etc.)
If we will find more free time and inspiration.

*If the rudders/elevators/ailerons are damaged the corresponding aircraft control is locked.
The damage of various control surfaces and corresponding malfunctions will certainly be implemented. The aspects of these malfunctions are still in progress.

*You need to implement the coefficient of the energy loss (build up speed, maneuverability), depending on the altitude.
Yes. It will be implemented.

*At the start of the battle you need to make the aircraft invulnerable for 10 seconds or so.
The need of this is not obvious.

*Is auto speed indicator going to be implemented? It should have 5 points of indications. 0-point is the minimal speed and 5-point is the turned-on afterburner. This points can be switched by the holding down the key of the speed. Various engines will have different time of switching from one point to another one. Afterburner is to switched off automatically after a certain time period and be allowed again after some time. At once you can give three different options for various types of engines.
We’re working on the engine control interface. Smooth thrust control when you use the joystick is already represented in game. And acceleration as one of the main characteristics will be implemented soon, as well as the critical altitude of the engine. As for the afterburner is concerned – it will be limited by the overheating or, possibly, the amount of the injection mixture (some types of aircraft with various injection systems).

*Please, implement the backing of joysticks and the option to modify their settings (sensibility, set keys etc.).
Yes. In progress.

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I was wondering, and I'm sorry if this is not the place to post this, but about how long does it usually take someone to be accepted, if they had all historical questions correct and decent computer requirements?

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