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1.9.2 CT Official Bugs/Issues Reporting Thread


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View PostRaizei, on 14 December 2015 - 03:42 PM, said:


I think the confusion here lies within the wording of the "Missions". The "Special Missions" are the ones included in the Public Test found in the "All" tab in the Missions and Specials list.


According to the Public Test article: http://worldofwarpla...-2-public-test/


"New Public Test Battle Missions and Achievements

After the single Public Test participation emblem awarded for Version 1.6, we're continuing the tradition with Update 1.9.2.

From now on, every Public Test will contain a set of version-specific missions that will be uniquely tailored to the content of the update that needs testing. If you complete the minimum requirements of these battle missions (which will vary from test to test), you'll not only be granted rewards on the Public Test itself, but also be able to unlock progressively greater achievements that will carry over to the live server."


I believe they won't specify how many missions you need to complete for each Public Test iteration so completing as much as you can is your best bet at obtaining the next rank. The medal/rank that you receive will appear ( on your player profile on the portal) a few days after the Public Test has been closed.

Hope this helps :)


So, I just noticed a new emblem in my paint shop.


It is the "participant" level emblem



So the patch notes were vague in what missions needed to be done to receive the emblem.  I did What Raizei said and completed all missions for the new US multirole line, and I kept playing CT and completed most general daily missions.


So I completed all missions and continued to play as many games as possible, and Ill I receive is a participant emblem?  Its not even as good looking as the last one:




EDIT: Maybe I was expecting an emblem like in the 1.6 CT, but from what I understand is you have to participate in each CT, complete all regular missions in each CT, and that will allow you to level up to the next emblem.


Looking forward to the next 9 CTs

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