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Bernard 74

Other Potential tier-1

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The Bernard 74 was developed in 1931 and hence makes a suitable tier-1 aircraft for the French tree.  Another good candidate could have been the Nieuport-Delage NiD-62 (as posted by Roudou).

Let's compare them.
Bernard 74----------Nieuport
Development:    1930----------1931
Speed: 310km/h----------270km/h
Armament:   2 7.7mm----------2 7.7mm

Two versions of the aircraft were built, but the aircraft never went beyond prototype status.  The French Government ordered 25 aircraft, but the company went bankrupt and the remaining 23 aircraft were never produced.

Posted Image

Design and development (source facebook)
The Bernard S-72 was a wooden stressed skin constructed cantilever low-wing monoplane powered by a Gnome-Rhône 5Bc radial engine and had a fixed tailskid landing gear. Flown by Paillard the Bernard S-72 participated in the 1930 Coupe Michelin race. On 29 June he took off from Le Bourget, landed successively in Reims, Nancy, Strasbourg, Dijon and Clermont-Ferrand, but unfortunately had to retire near Lyon as a result of engine failure. The S-72 was re-engined with a Gnome-Rhône 7Kb and re-designated the Bernard S-73. The S-73 was then developed into the Bernard 74 single-seat fighter and retained the Titan-Major engine. Two prototypes were built with the first flying in February 1931, powered by a 280hp (kw) Gnome-Rhône 7Kbs radial engine, the second was fitted with a 360 hp (268 kW) Gnome-Rhône 7Kd engine and first flew in October 1931. The first prototype 74 was re-engined with a Gnome-Rhône 9Kbrs radial engine and re-designated the Bernard 75 it was later used as a pilot-trainer. No further aircraft were built.

Bernard 70
Unbuilt design for a single-seat fighter.
Bernard S-72
Single-seater racing monoplane powered by a 240hp (179kw) Gnome-Rhône 5Bc radial engine, first flight in May 1930. Later converted to the Bernard S-73.
Bernard S-73
The Bernard 72 re-engined with a 300hp (224kw) Gnome-Rhône 7Kb radial engine, first flown in May 1930.
Bernard 74-01
Single-seat fighter variant, powered by a 280hp (209kw) Gnome-Rhône 7Kbs radial engine, later converted to the Bernard 75.
Bernard 74-02
A second prototype powered by a 360hp (268hp) Gnome-Rhône 7Kd, first flown on 21 October 1931
Bernard 75
Prototype Bernard 74-01 fighter re-engined with a 500hp (373kw) Gnome-Rhône 9Kbrs radial engine and later used as a pilot-trainer.

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