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FPS Troubleshooting

1.7 low fps fps fix fps troubleshoot fps solutions

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ArrowZ_ #1 Posted 21 February 2015 - 10:47 AM


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Seeing as there's like 10 different threads about the current issues in FPS for 1.7 I might as well give it a shot and make a few list of things that might help a few fix their FPS problems.


Since Persha aren't too keen at providing some form of solutions, we the community might as well do our part and share some advice what could help fix some of these FPS problem:

1. Before troubleshooting any FPS issue, you should always check your specs by typing "dxdiag" on your windows (windows key+R). Once you've found your OS (Operating System), CPU, GPU, RAM & Sound Card, Take note of this information & use this site to find the min & recomended requirements for WOWP. Assess your specs whether it meets the recomended or min criteria. If your specs are lower than the minimum requirements then it's time for an upgrade.


2. Updating Drivers: You've heard many people suggesting to update your drivers but they never really go beyond that point to show you the right direction at "how" to actually do it using the required software. I'll cut it short and make it simple. Here's a free Driver Update software that's recommended for use for the non-techy individuals: SlimDrivers. This software updates all the drivers within your comp including your GPU, Sound card, USB drivers, mouse etc. It's the complete package keeping all your drivers up-to-date. Functionality is simple: One-click full update 2 part Phase: Download & Install for the latest driver. Ofcourse use it at your own risk & ALWAYS backup your comp before attempting to update any drivers. And If you have paranoia issues like myself & are afraid that something like this might contain viruses (which I don't blame you for being too careful), you can always do the driver updates manually. This method will take much longer & requires you to surf your windows. The pathway is: Control Panel -> Device Manager. From here you are able to view all your comp's components including the main specs like your GPU. Double clicking any of the icons will bring you to the "Properties" tab. All you then need to do is switch to the "Driver" section and click "Update Driver" & follow your windows prompts.


3. A quick shortcut to updating only your GPU & not wanting to have to go through all that mess in #2 is to go to this site: Nvidia Drivers (for GeForce cards) AMD Radeon Drivers (for AMD cards). You will need to know the exact model of your GFX card so you can find the specific driver update for your card. All this info can be found by doing the "dxdiag" step on #1.


4. (For NVIDIA cards) Nvidia Control Panel: Most of you that are familiar with NVIDIA cards know that they have an in-built managing software for users to tweak specific settings for the GFX cards that prioritizes from either Quality or Performance. This software usually comes pre-installed when you update your GPU driver. And you can go even further by personally setting GFX settings for WOWP using Nvidia Control Panel. To open your Nvidia control Panel simply type Nvidia control panel on start menu (win+s for windows 8.1). Once you have the control panel open, Follow this pathways: 3D Settings -> Manage 3D settings -> Program Settings. You will then see a list of configurations for specific games installed in your comp. Select World of warplanes Under Select a program to customize. For some World of Warplanes may not show in the selection tab. You will then have to manually ADD the worldofwarplanes.exe into your list by browsing the directory of your WOWP game. Once you have WOWP selected in your list and you are all set, GFX configurations can begin. If you are unaware of certain settings, there are descriptions on the bottom of the control panel screen that explain what each settings does & what each option affects the setting. I highly recommend you read those detailed descriptions before choosing a specific setting. To make your life easier I'll list a few main settings that will increase abit of FPS. Do note that each GPU has different settings and some that are listed you may not be able to find. Choose the options that prioritizes Performance: 

Antialiasing - Transparency, 

Power Management mode, 

Shader Cache, 

Texture Filtering - Anisotropic sample optimization, 

Texture Filtering - Negative LOD bias, 

Texture Filtering - Quality, 

Texture Filtering - Trillinear optimisation.

AMD probably has a similar software for their game specific tweaks. I don't have any experience in this so I can't comment on it however if anyone has knowledge feel free to add on how to tweak WOWP for performance on AMD cards.


5. Game Booster & Razer Cortex: Simple easy to use boosting software that "turns off" unnecessary processes & background programs allowing more room for your comp to breath & mainly focus on WOWP as the main process to be handled. Generally speaking, these softwares increases a fraction of FPS and the result varies from different comps with different specs. Some may have an increase in 10+ FPS, others more. Others less. For some it might not make a difference at all and this is usually the case when your comp (like mine) is 5 years old. These boosting software heavily depend on your CPU, GPU & RAM specs. The higher & more "beefy" they are the more you will get out of these boosting softwares in terms of improved FPS. If your specs are the bare minimum for WOWP, then the gain will be minimal using these softwares. If your specs are below the requirements, then It probably won't make much of a difference. Like the case of my 5 yr old comp who's likely about to give out and die in a couple months.


6. Overclocking. Certain CPUs, RAM & GPUs can be "Overclocked" to increase their power & boost their performance which in turn results a higher increase in FPS. But just like everything else there's always a catch. Since you've configured your specs to "work" even harder, that only means one thing: The heat it generates increases. This means an increase in your comp's temperature which will be unusually higher than what it was before. The risks are physical damage to your comp parts, the specs itself and you don't want that. Prolonged increased heat exposure could ruin your comp & kill it for good. By overclocking your specs you are also increasing the load on your PSU (Power supply). And when that happens you risk turning your comp into a literal time bomb. It is not recommended to overclock if you only have the minimal amount to run your specs. You must always supply a PSU that is capable of delivering an excess of 200W+ just to be safe. This method requires careful study of your own comp & it's specs before attempting to overclock your CPU, GPU & RAM. This is something that you shouldn't try if you are not techy. Tech Assistance would be greatly recommended for this. You should only overclock if your specs allow it. Never overclock your comp if the parts don't support overclocking. It can  heavily damage your computer.


7. Dumbing Windows to Performance Mode: Control Panel -> System -> Advanced system settings (System Properties) -> Advanced Tab

You will see 3 titles: Performance, User Profiles, Start-up and recovery. Under Performance click Settings. Under Visual Effects you will see 4 selections: Choose Adjust for best performance.

What this does is dumbing your windows screen from "eye-candy" to complete emptiness or "Performance mode" which you guessed it increases abit of FPS. After playing WOWP in this mode just simply go back to the Performance tab under Visual Effects and choose Let windows choose what's best for my computer


8. Turning Antivirus OFF: Some antiviruses (Norton) have background processes that run "silently" to scan for unwelcome threats while you're playing games etc. Turning your Anti-virus off temporarily will stop all scanning activities and will leave more room for your comp to focus & prioritize on WOWP which means more FPS. There is a risk to this method as you are prone to attacks while your anti-virus is OFF so use this method with caution.

9. PC Tune Up & Cleaning: Overtime your comp can be clogged up reducing it's effectiveness to run programs smoothly which as you can imagine can influence FPS. Certain "cleaning" softwares do all the hard work for you just at a push of a button. 2 recommended Softwares: CCleaner, SlimCleaner. Both do pretty much the same thing: Cleans alot of useless junk that can pile up in your comp without notice, & cleaning your registries. One of the features that helps in the start-up process in your comp is also included in these softwares to maximize efficiency in load times when you boot up. Bare in mind these are only FREE softwares. Payware models will most likely have more features. I'd recommend doing abit of research before committing to buying one of these PC tune up products.  But If you're cheap like me the 2 FREE softwares above is more than enough.


10. Windows Defragment (HDD): Running defragmentation on your windows is highly recommended on a monthly basis to keep your PC from getting messy & "un-organized" much like your room when you leave it for 6 months without cleaning. Windows Defragmentation increases the performance of your PC by "re-organizing" fragmented files in your hard drive and filing them in a nice order. Kind of like a bookshelf. That's why it's important to run consistent defrags once every 1-2 months or even longer if you think that's best for your PC. The important thing is you keep a schedule to keep defragmenting your PC as it maintains a healthy organized balance to the performance of your comp. Much like the cleaning softwares there are also payware products for defragmenting that has more extensive features & overall does a better job than the standard windows. Again it is recommended to do extensive research before buying these products. Note that you are only advised to defrag HDD drives and not SSD. Avoid defraging your SSD drives. It degrades the performance of SSDs if you do.


11. Task Manager Priorities: Programs in task manager can be set at a higher priority than other programs, enabling all your valuable resources to "commit" to this one program. Result is reduced lag and a slight increase in FPS. To open your task manager simply right click on your windows bar at the bottom and click Task Manager or search that in start menu (win+s 8.1). You will then see a few tabs at the top. Look for Details. Once this is done you need to RUN World of Warplanes Launcher before changing anything within the task manager. Tab out of the game once you reach the log-in screen and go back to task manager. Under Details you should see Worldofwarplanes.exe as an active program currently running. Right click Worldofwarplanes.exe -> Set Priority. From here you are given 6 options: Low, Below Normal, Normal, Above Normal, High, Realtime. To maximize priority for WOWP, you need to choose either High or Realtime. Then leave task manager open & go back to WOWP and login and play.


12. Mods: If all else fails and nothing works, this mod, thanks to the RU community: hryuno & LVMP, will help give you extra FPS for dumbing your WOWP to the bones. During installation make sure to ONLY tick the effects section & everything else is un-ticked. This mod removes a few of the demanding graphical features in WOWP such as clouds & smokes that eat up alot of FPS especially when your screen is viewing 10km+ of open terrain with alot of sky & clouds. This mod could help increase some FPS and may bring your gameplay back to normal but at a cost of a dumbed down version of WOWP. This should be your last resort as removing certain features in the game could be game breaking & might cause your client to crash. Use it at your own discretion. The purpose of this mod should only be to help aid your FPS problems. Nothing else. Also don't forget to credit the modders for their fantastic work. If you want to help them by giving donations for their efforts it would really go a long way.


Hopefully that covers a broad range of tips & tricks to fix some of the FPS issues. But the best way to fix any FPS issues is to just upgrade your comp. WOWP is one of the few games out there that is highly demanding in requirements with very little optimization. If you want to be safe upgrading your specs is the best option.


Feel free to add your own list of FPS tweaks below.


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ViolentAngel #2 Posted 21 February 2015 - 01:28 PM

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Great write-up Arrow!


Here's one more link from the WoWP Developer's Blog:  Fine-Tuning Graphics: The Balance Between Beauty and Performance

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theponja #3 Posted 22 February 2015 - 01:17 AM

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I really apreciate the effort to write this one. Thank you!!

MARS_REVENANT #4 Posted 20 February 2016 - 10:33 PM


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