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Joystick & Situational Awareness - Need advice

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DrSinister #21 Posted 24 October 2014 - 01:39 AM

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Unzoomed 1st person works for me even though its less FoV, but I use it because one my camera is set at X 0, Y 0.  Where as the 3rd person views have the plane at an angle to the Reticle, which for me if I want to scrape the land/water in 3rd person I have to "know" the sweet spot, where as with Unzoomed 1st person, I can see the horizon almost even with my Reticle to know I am as close as I can be.


Its still personal preference, also I will be tweaking my Camera Mod a bit so that it will work better with my HeadTrackNoIR program so that I can Free Look with moving my head, since the Free look is more responsive then it was in Closed Beta when I first tested this.

ViolentAngel #22 Posted 24 October 2014 - 02:51 AM

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As an avid M/Kb player who occasionally tries the old J-stick out, here are a few things that helped me (regular J-stick users will disagree with some or all of these).

1. Set FoV to max (100%) - this can be found in the Settings>Battle screen

2. Set PoV to mid (sniper, near, mid, far) - these are my terms for the zoom levels - I think the game might call them Sniper, zoomed in, no zoom, zoomed out.

3. Snap to target helps for a quick look, but is hard to fly in that view.

4. To get the RMB free look with your J-stick, under Control Settings>Camera, check to see if "Enable smooth view mode" is mapped (I had it mapped to J4 on my 3D Pro) make sure it is a click to enable. So, if I click J4, I can use the hat to look around, and when I click J4 again, the camera view returns to normal.

5. Under Advanced Joystick Settings, try setting Camera Inertia to 100% (camera will lag slightly behind plane). This is the opposite of the camera tracking the mouse - it makes no sense! But... for some reason, it helped me out a bit in controlling the plane and maintaining situational awareness without getting as dizzy as having the camera locked tight on the aircraft. I would prefer it if the camera would lead the plane response instead of lagging it, but try it out for yourself to see how it feels.


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barbeerian #23 Posted 27 October 2014 - 05:22 PM

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Wow that's amazing Jekyll, and you too Mr. Hyde. I was messing around trying to figure out what the hell that Smooth View Mode was for but never thought to try the hat switch with it, that's perfect! I'd +10 ya if I could.

llamb2704 #24 Posted 27 October 2014 - 10:20 PM

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See you've gotten some good suggestions.  I also use Hooterez's HUD markers mod which helps in tracking my locked target.  

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