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Mouse and Keyboard advanced setup.

Fast Responsive Keyboard Mouse

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Nihtwaco #1 Posted 29 September 2014 - 06:12 AM

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Howdy Folks


I have seen a lot of Post in Chat by folks with Control Issues. This is my Hybrid Mouse and Keyboard setup tweak as needed.


Here is my Custom mouse setup going from left to right down each column. Set up then adjust mouse sensitivity to where you are not overshooting target on small movements.

Lock camera to Horizon  Yes

Camera Inertia:  Far Left

Camera Alignment zone:  Far Right

Camera Roll Rate:  Far Right

Camera Alignment Time:  Far Left

Yaw/Pitch 1/6 to 1/7 across to right from left end.

Roll Controls

Level Off Rate: Far Left
Roll Acceleration:  Far Right


Auto Flaps On: Yes

Limit Bank Angles at Low Altitude: Yes This kicks in below 150 Meters

Other Controls Modified

Roll:  on A & D Keys A to Roll Left D to Roll Right

Flaps:  R Toggle for down or up

Rudder: on Q left E right

Level Off:  L

Rear View:  F

Rockets:  on Mouse button 4

Bombs:  on Space Bar

Throttle up:  ,  Throttle Down: .    Those are < and >   They can be reached with left thumb. Throttle is in 20% shifts down from normal 100% without boost.

Lock Target Center Screen: B

Engaging Target: F3 or T



Graph on Right Tab labeled Yaw and Pitch


Effective Zone Size 100%

Five points from left to Right 5 Square spacing from left edge to right edge.

Height from Bottom in Squares on Grid


5,     3,     1.75,   .75,     0



This is a very fast and twitchy setup your left hand handles staying level and Initiating banks into turns, Boost and Speed Brake, Full Flaps when needed. Auto Flap can be turned off if you Prefer.

No split S unless You roll over and move mouse as to climb. Plane will hang most of time at any angle you end up at until your left hand levels you off.

I also map consumables to 4 5 6 to match my setup in World of Tanks. Fire Ext. on 4, Restart Bottle on 5 and Med Kit on 6.

This setup has been refined since start of Open Beta through all the shifts made to Game engine control setups. It takes practice to get good with this, it does have the answer to most peoples problems but during violent vertical maneuvers it can tumble the camera. Just as in real combat the Artificial Horizon and Gyro Gun sights could be tumbled. Only skill and altitude can then prevent you from becoming a Lawn Dart.

I hope this helps a few folks figure out a setup they can control

If the plane is rolling when you push the nose down the Auto Split S function is active or you are moving the nose off to one side a little which starts the roll. With the Setup I posted above I can do loops or push the nose straight down to point at ground roll 180 and pull out in opposite direction from initial facing. All rolls are either from mouse movement while maneuvering or from the A & D Keys if I am running straight ahead.


xxxStormbringerxxx #2 Posted 29 September 2014 - 02:41 PM

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Nihtwaco, yesterday I did a reset and now when I press A or D I go all the way round until I am inverted. How do I prevent this? It used to stop at 90deg. Now I keep hitting the ground. Getting expensive!

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Gingercake #3 Posted 15 October 2014 - 11:45 PM

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Thanks for the tips! :D  I'll have to try some of those changes and see if they can keep me from flying into the ground as much... :P



Nihtwaco #4 Posted 30 October 2014 - 02:16 AM

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 xxxStormbringerxxx Without seeing a complete layout of your control setup and hardware it is hard to give further advice. With my setup I have complete dcontrol of where the plane goes.


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