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Fiat G.80 & G.82

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Today, finally, was handed to me the autobiographical book by Giuseppe Gabrielli. So... now is time for the first real jet aircraft italian after the Caproni-Campini N1.

December 9, 1951

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Press release of the Italian Ministry of Defence:

"Sul Campo di aviazione di Amendola si è felicemente compiuto il collaudo di un moderno velivolo a reazione di progettazione e costruzione italiana, il FIAT G.80. Lo ha ideato l'ingegner Gabrielli e si costruisce nello stabilimento dell'Aeritalia di Torino.
Pilota Collaudatore l'ingegner Vittore Catella. I voli di collaudo hanno dato risultati brillantissimi superando le più esigenti aspettative."

"On Amendola airfield was successfully completed the testing of a modern jet aircraft of Italian design and construction, the FIAT g.80. It was designed by the engineer Gabrielli, and is built in the Aeritalia establishment in Turin.
Test Pilot Engineer Vittore Catella. The test flights have given brilliant results surpassing the most exacting expectations."

The Fiat G.80 was a military trainer developed in Italy in 1949, and was that country's first true jet-powered aircraft. It was a conventional low-wing monoplane with retractable tricycle undercarriage, engine de Havilland Goblin (the same of de Havilland DH.100 Vampire built in license by Fiat) intakes on the fuselage sides. The pilot and instructor sat in tandem under a long bubble canopy.

In this photo is possible to see all FIAT training aircraft of the 50's, In order from the top:
  • Fiat G.46- basic trainer
  • Fiat G.49-2- two-seat basic trainer
  • Fiat G.59-4B- advance and combat trainer, developed from G.55 -link-
  • Fiat G.80-1B- first prototype (1951)
  • Fiat G.80-3B- production series
  • Fiat G.82-1B- trainer for NATO contest with Rolls-Royce Nene.

Fiat G.82 (first flight 23 maggio 1954)for entry in a NATO competition to select a standard jet trainer. Apart from many detail changes, the G.82 featured a longer fuselage, a Rolls-Royce Nene engine in place of the G.80's de Havilland Goblin, and wingtip tanks. Five aircraft were constructed, but when the competition was cancelled and the G.82 was not selected by either NATO or the Aeronautica Militare, the development programme was finally terminated.

The G.82 (and G.84) was proposed as night fighter (similar to the F-94), CAS (Close Air Support) and Reconnaissance.

G.82 Gallery

Tecnical Data FIAT G.82:

G.80 series:
  • G.80-1B - first prototype (1951) - built -
  • G.80-3B - Trainer - built-
  • G.80-3A - Ground Attak, CAS
  • G.81-1B - with De Havilland Ghost
  • G.82-1B - Trainer for NATO competiction - built -
  • G.82-1A - Ground Attak, CAS, night fighter
  • G.84-1B - with General Electric/Allison J35

Sources: "Una vita per l'Aviazione" by Giuseppe Gabrielli, Ali Antiche 79, Wikipedia

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