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SIAI Marchetti S.M.133

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After the Second World War, engineer Alessandro Marchetti tried to revive the SIAI , with whom he made ​​many aircrafts for the Reggia Aeronautica (Italian Air Force), surely the most famous was the SM.79 "Sparviero".
At the end of 40th years, Italy had the possibility of rearmament due by American pressure. In these years all the major Italian aerospace industries have the project to rearm the new Italian aeronautics in every role.
The SIAI presented the project: SM.10X that was not built like any other Italian aircraft born in the same period for lack of funds and "political pressure". Only one aircraft was built: The Fiat G.80.


In 1953, NATO issued a competition for a Light Weight Strike Fighter (LWSF), where all the biggest European companies participated by submitting several projects (the winner was the Fiat G.91 in 1957).
The SIAI introduced a new project for a small fighter with delta wing  and cnard configuration, the SIAI Marchetti SM.133, powered by two turbojets Viper Armstrong ASV-5 mounted in the tail that were intended to give a high rate of climb and cruise (over 680 mph - 1100 km/h) . The project was rejected and was not even considered for use in AMI (Aeronautica Militare Italiana - modern Italian Air Force), how it happened for Sagittario 2° and MB.324, was abandoned in order to adopt the F-86 "donated" by the Americans and later built under license by Fiat.

I do not know the technical data and dimensions and armament of this project. I have found only engine info (FLIGHT,  2  September 1955):


Sources: http://www.danielele...-di-volare.htmlhttp://www.treccani....ario-Biografico)/

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