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Premium plane owners - opinions?

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_Warchylde_ #21 Posted 23 July 2014 - 06:00 PM

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I currently only have two premiums, the XF4F-3 and the IL 2 (mod).  I am using the Wildcat solely for crew training, as I am a little disappointed in the armament,and I fly the IL 2 for making dinero.

I'm not very good in GAA yet....still trying to figure out exactly how much ordnance to put on target for a single-pass kill, so I'm trying to spend a bit more time in the Sturmovik, which is good for the bank account :smiles:

I'm fairly handy with my Bf110-B and my Bristol 146 (both Elite now), and fly these purely for enjoyment until I can upgrade to the Tier Vs.  I am seriously interested in the MesserSpit, but want to get my Spitfire I and get used to the airframe first.


In conclusion, I think I would much rather concentrate on upgrading my planes to Elite status for the bonus XP, and use the premiums solely for crerw training....but that's just a noob's first impression.

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MrPsychic #22 Posted 23 July 2014 - 06:33 PM

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I have the Spitfire V DB 605 and the I-15bis.  The little bis is a nasty little bugger, out turning most planes at its tier and with surprising firepower.  The Spitfire V DB actually can climb with other German planes and heavies, so it helps when I'm climbing to support teammates, then it can turn fight with the best of them.

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