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Updated plane stats

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DarthMullet73 #1 Posted 06 June 2014 - 08:17 PM

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I've looked over the news thread and elsewhere.  How have the aircraft stats of the game been reconfigured for 1.4?  There are supposed to be new upgrades, what are they?  Also a bonus would be how the new match maker works.  I've noticed that matches are being compiled differently on the NA server, yet the news says that the new matchmaker hasn't been rolled out to the NA server yet.


I'm looking for some hard information (stats and numbers) as to what the differences are.

HZero #2 Posted 06 June 2014 - 09:55 PM

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I don't know that any of the primary (Firepower, etc) stats changed.


The new MM balances flights, # of GA's, and # of Heavies....or at least it will if/when they implement it.

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Thumperr #3 Posted 07 June 2014 - 12:25 AM

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I noticed a new airframe for my 109F, didn't notice any new airframe for the 410, P-51D, 109B, 38J, or any of the spitfires.
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TRN2LA #4 Posted 07 June 2014 - 04:22 PM

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I've noticed during the loading screen where you can normall view the details on enemy planes like turning ability, speed, clims firepower etc with those color (green, red, Orange) Pictures, ther is also some new stats at bottom, but I cant find any info on what the stats mean, like Asterisk's? wth? and Stata? theres also AA & GA, stat too, number of battles etc, but id love more info on what they mean
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Cuesta_Rey #5 Posted 07 June 2014 - 04:39 PM

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Check this link:




 Yak-7 - new top airframe "Yak-7B" added, recearchable from "Yak-7А".
Yak-9 - new basic airframe "Yak-9Т" added. Airframe "Yak-9М" becomes researchable improvement (module).
 La-7 - module "3х 20-mm B-20 (S)" now can be researched from "2х 20-mm ShVAK (1941) (S)" and mounted on the airframe "La-7 (1944)".
 Yak-3 - new top airframe "Yak-3 (1945)" added, researchable from the airframe "Yak-3 (1944)".
 Yak-9U - new top airframe "Yak-9U (1945)" added, reserchable from the airframe "Yak-9U (1944)".
 Yak-15 - new basic airframe "Yak-15-UMO" added. Airframe "Yak-15" becomes researchable improvement (module).



 Bf.109F Friedrich - airframe "Bf.109F" was renamed into "Bf.109F-4". New basic airframe "Bf.109F-3" added.
 Bf.109Z Zwilling - New top airframe "Bf. 109Z (G)" added, researchable from the airframe "Bf. 109Z (F)".
 Fw.190D - new top airframe "Fw.190D-11" added, researchable from the airframe "Fw.190D-9".



 P-51A Mustang - new pre-top engine "V-1650-1" added, required to research P-51D Mustang. Players who have P-51A Mustang and "V-1650-3" engine researched, will get "V-1650-1" as reserched.
 P-51D Mustang - new basic engine "V-1650-1" added. The engine "V-1650-3" becomes the researchable improvement (module). The engine "V-1650-9" removed from the list of available modules for P-51D Mustang. Players, who had P-51D Mustang purchased and configuration with
 "V-1650-9" mounted will get the correspondent configuration with "V-1650-7" engine; please note that the "V-1650-9" engine will be removed but you will get the compensation in the amount of its cost (150000 credits).


 Great Britain:

 Westland P.1056 - weapon "2х 40-mm Vickers S (K)" replaced with "2х 40-mm Rolls-Royce BH (K)".
 Tech tree branch - Beaufighter from Blenheim F is now goes through "2х 20-mm Hispano Mk. I (F)". Research cost was reduced from 11700 to 9630 experie`nce points. Airframe tier reduced for "Blenheim V" from V to IV, research cost reduced from 4350 to 2150 experience points. Fixed the bug with the research cost of machine guns "4x .303 Browning Mk.II (F)" for Blenheim F, research cost reduced from 5200 to 2100 experience points.


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