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The Planes of the World of Warplanes Era Series Vol.XXIV BICh series Jets

BICh BICh 24 BICh 26 BICh jet jet soviet stalin red airforce experimental WWII

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This article is a continuation of the BICh design bureau's series of experimental aircraft.  All of these designs were revolutionary and well ahead of their time.  Had Stalin's purges not kept them from service they would have allowed the Soviets to field aircraft much more advanced than what the NATO forces could have fielded.  Where we last left off BICh was producing propeller flying wing aircraft.  With the advent of the jet age things changed.  The head of the design bureau Cheranovskii directed the bureau engineers to come up with a jet fighter in 1944.  The design called the BICh 24 was a tailless modified delta wing design.  Based on the wind tunnel model's surviving pictures the aircraft may have been rocket powered, though it could have been turbojet powered and the model just didn't have air intakes.  As is the case with many Soviet aircraft designs, much of the data on this aircraft had been lost.  Though that is the case there is some indication that the plane may have progressed to full scale development though no real info had yet to emerge.

Around the same time BICh came up with another radical fighter design, this time for a variable wing fighter that looks a lot like the TFX (became F-111), this in the late 40's was again well ahead of its time.  Unfortunately not much info has survived to the present on this aircraft known as the BICh 25.

The next fighter design to come out of the BICh Bureau was based on the BICh24.   The BICh 26 was a tailless blended wing design.  Powered by one AM-5 turbojet the fighters air intakes were flush with the airframe.  The fighter would probably have had standard Soviet armament for the time, with one 37mm cannon and two 20mm cannons as backup, though some research suggests two 23mm cannons might have been considered with the two 20mm cannons.  With a top speed of mach 1.7 this fighter which was designed in 1948 would have been outstandingly fast.  To help with transonic buffering all control surfaces were hydraulically powered so as to keep the aircraft controllable.  Unfortunately this aircraft is not known to have flown though with the state of Soviet records that doesn't say much.

The last aircraft on the list was discovered only recently with no name so we will call it the BICh UFO.  It is a tailless flying wing reminiscent of the A-12 Avenger II.  The date on the documentation is 1944.  It had two narrow jet engines which are consistent with the only soviet turbojet available at the time, the VRD-2, though I suspect that if the aircraft flew it would have used the engines available to the soviets later, after the war.  The jet is armed with two large caliber cannons, likely 37mm.  It would have been very stealthy if it was ever built.  Due to the incomplete record for this craft, it is completely unknown to what extent this aircraft was developed.

All in all we have three jets that could make it into WoWP.  The BICh 25, which would be a heavy fighter or attack aircraft, the BICh26 which would make a nice tier 10/10+(I am of the belief that this game need more tiers to cover the breath of aircraft available) fighter, and the BICh jet which would make a good tier 8 premium heavy fighter, with slow acceleration and slow stall recovery, but good firepower,and maneuverability along with short spot distance


wind tunnel model of BICh 24                                                                                             TFX which was similar in design to the BICh 25


BICh 26 digital model


Sole online photo I can find of BICh jet project, since I cant legally copy anything out of the museum's library without paying a fee

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