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Suggestion for French Aircraft tech tree

aircraft france tech tree France French Fighter Aircraft Tech Tree

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Zaifer #1 Posted 17 March 2014 - 03:00 AM

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Hi everybody! 

First of all I'd like to say that I love this game! I've never played such a great dogfights game since those classic combat flight simulators. But since the very first day that I played WoWp I noticed that something was missing. 

France also made active part of WWII  with their famous "Armeé de l'Air" and they contributed A LOT for finally winning it; so I thought that it would be nice if you added a French fighters tech tree so that we can use those excellent French planes that maybe not everyone remembers but that were the backbone of France's liberation. That's why I felt free to create this list of possible candidates for all tiers [I - X]:


Tier I: Dewoitine D27 [1931]: 


















Tier II: Dewoitine D510 [1935]























Tier III: Dewoitine D520 [1940]



















Tier IV: Morane - Saulnier MS405 [1937]





















Tier V: Morane - Saulnier MS406 [1938 / Fighter with most time in service]























Tier VI: Morane - Saulnier D3803 (Swiss variant) [1940]










Tier VII: Bloch MB155 [1940]




















Tier VIII: Bloch MB157 [1942]
















Tier IX: Dassault MD454 Mystère IV [1953]





















Tier X: Dassault MD550 Myste Delta (Mirage I) [1955]











OK. That's it! I hope you liked my selection and if not, please suggest some fighters that you think would be better than these ones. 




NOTE: Tiers VII and VIII are American as France didn't have any way to build fighters after the German occupation. Anyway these fighters were widely used by France during WWII. Besides, I added an image for each plane, but the post editor didn't let me publish them as the links were not "permitted" by the administrators of the forum; so you'll have to google the images! lol.


EDIT: I re-organized the list in order to give it more regular progression. I tried to make the jumps from one manufacturer to another as unnoticeable as possible. Hope you like it!


J311yfish #2 Posted 17 March 2014 - 03:05 AM

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Discovered while working on a potential Chinese tech tree:  Dewoitine D.510


Also, I don't know if it is relevant to your project (or viable), but check out the aircraft of Nicholas Roland Payen:


Pa.100 -- became Pa.101 with bigger engine

Pa.101 -- first flight April 17, 1935

Pa.112 -- 2 engines, French military showed no interest.

Pa.22 -- captured by Germans June 12, 1940; flown by Germans October 18, 1941; taken back to Germany for modification; then back to France for repairs after a crash landing; abandoned.

Pa.400 -- design to be sold to the Japanese; Mitsubishi-Payen collaboration; September 28, 1938 authorization granted by French government; for whatever reason the project fell through:

Pa.49 -- 1954





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An_Average_Jho #3 Posted 17 March 2014 - 04:25 AM

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The SPAD could work, but it offers no "regular progression". The M.S. 225 could work, as well as the D.27 (Designed by Dewoitine, but for Swiss use).


M.B.150 is to strong to be a tier 2. Depending on its configuration (M.B.150 to M.B 157), it can be anywhere between tier 5 and tier 7.


The C.714 (or C.710) could maybe fit at tier 3, but it would not fit with the "regular progression". 


D.520 and the M.S. 406 have too many configurations to be a single tier each. The D.500 to D.551 (all D.520 modifications) can fit between tier 3 and tier 6. M.S.405 to D.3803 (all M.S. 406 modifications) fit anywhere between tier 4 to tier 6 as well.


American planes don't fit in a French tech tree. There are a few planes that can fit up to tier 8 for the French. The VG-30 series of planes can go up to tier 8 (with the VG-90). The M.B. 157 could fit at tier 8, but it would need to be slightly artificially buffed. The MD-450 'Ouragan' and the MD-452 'Mystère II' both fit tier 8.


The MD-550 'Mirage' and the Etandard II 'Mystere XXII' fit tier 9.


The early Mirage III prototype would fit tier 10, as it couldn't break the speed of sound in level flight. I would love to see the Super Mystere, but it is too fast as it can go at Mach 1.12 in level flight. The Etandard IV 'Mystere XXVI' could fit at tier 10.




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Zaifer #4 Posted 17 March 2014 - 08:34 PM

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Those are nice suggestions! I'm going to edit the list so that it looks more consistent. Now, I'd really like to keep the Morane MS406; that plane's just beautiful!

Zaifer #5 Posted 20 March 2014 - 04:08 PM

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I added some suggested planes and images!

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