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Is the Yak-9U garbage?

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View PostGiNnTonic, on 17 March 2014 - 01:47 PM, said:

For those who like the Yak 9, can I ask if this is one of your first choice planes - or it is more about playing variety?  If going into a clan war would you specifically choose the Yak 9 series?


I have lots of planes I play that wouldn't be my first choice tier-for-tier if I had to choose only 1.  Curious to know where the Yak 9 ranks....


I initially chose the line because I enjoyed the TnB style of play and the Doom Cannon's seemed to be good fun; the ability to tear a plane apart in seconds was absolutely delightful. But as I grew-up in tiers, people learned to BnZ better and I felt more and more left behind, to the point that I've come to loathe the Yak-9U. It felt like a good bit of variety at first in a game dominated by the P-51 and 109Z, but once I started getting into battles with 262's and other jets, I realized it just can't compete. Even if it could avoid a pass by a BnZ, it just couldn't turn around fast enough to pump a shot or two into their tails and thus, felt completely undermined in all regards. 


Every other tier 7 I have (Spitfire, 109G, La-7) feels like it can compete and at least keep-up with a jet, but the 9U fails in every regard. 


Also, is your avatar Jason Batemen or you?

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