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Chuck_norris10 #21 Posted 16 March 2014 - 04:49 AM


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View Post11thACRColdsteel, on 15 March 2014 - 09:56 PM, said:

 AH HAH!  I did not realize you could take them down by the blast radius at a distance.....very nice info.  OK I'm gonna give it another try.  By the way your post a while back talking about having a light touch on the joystick (as opposed to a death grip) was VERY HELPFUL...thanks.

Count how many seconds your rockets take to explode,they are on a timer so it's usually just under 6 seconds in the pega but speed makes a difference I'm finding.

I like to have at least a minimum speed of 160 kph before doing a long distance shot but at 200 kph it's like you can get a hit as soon as the plane appears and thats why my first shot is usually to find my range but lately been getting kills on that first shot.


When your lined up for a rocket shot and your target is flying straight line it helps if your plane is perfectly still while firing,thats why 2 fingers and use the R button to fire.not the JS.

I tend to twitch when firing any armaments on my JS:dry:

If your target is flying straight and true and shooting bullets at a ground target then you now have a line to aim your rockets at,aim for his stream of bullets.

Line your crosshairs right up on his bullet stream and try predict where he will be in 5 seconds.

In the last video I got a few kills by shooting rockets into the ground,the one really surprised me as I saw the explosion in front of me but the guy behind me died.

Something I may have to explore more in the future because hitting the ground in front of a plane is much easier then hitting a plane and you get the bonus of exploding rocks added to the shrapnel!

Once you get some more long distance kills you will find it gets very easy to lead your target,some days the rocketeer medals will just fall in your lap and sometimes you will go a week with no kills.

I think i'm at around 380 right now,taking a break.


First battle on that video I got 4 kills,still not sure how I got #3 as the guy looked like he was trying to prop chop me.



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