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Why all the hate on GA pilots?

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View PostWhiteTiger_5, on 09 February 2014 - 07:59 AM, said:

To most of us! if your plane can carry bombs! ( more than one and you intend to bomb a ground target or targets.) your a bomber. you going to shoot a ground target your a attack plane.

I don't care your words or my words they bomb targets. they are slow and have big guns in the front and guns in the back. that's all that matter. 

They are dangerous and I do not take them as easy.  I hate to attack them they are that good at hurting me, But if no one on my team is attacking them and they are heading to my base

oh well here I come.   I ran into a 3 man group of Heavy's and got shot down before i got 1 of them.  SO don't do that!  Fly alone! way out away from the rest of your team!  yell at them for help!  so by time time one of them gets there your dead and he is alone too.  I love Rambos easy kills. I try to tell people

stay in 1 group! fly over the area where r aa guns are.! climb n dive on the enemy.   2 of ours to 1 of them there will be more red team planes along soon. " teamwork"  do not ram into us over a kill.  Do not climb so high that when you dive you can not pull up and crash into the ground or water. or pull up sooner.  do not turn away from a diving plane turn under him and get on his tail. as he overshoots. The game is ( most of the time very fast.) very fast if you hide while your team mates need help and you watch them die and give no help . We see it.  The next game if your on the other side I hunt you 1st, you on our side and need help forget it! I will get on the bandit's tail who is on your tail but i will  hold  till he shoots you down then finish him off. fairplay no team work do not expect any.  hard words but I see it as a code. winning the game is not everything. I play for fun winning is very sweet.  but watching teammate screw others well that sucks.

sure there are all ways reasons to  to do something to allow a team mate to get the sharp end of the stick. But  I learned a long time ago in the marines.  your buddies will save you. goof offs let you die.  it is a game we don't see into each others eyes or heart. But If I ever do meet any of you I have no reason not too. I shoot lots of you down and get shot down by lots of you.

It's FUN. I love the game. so I guess I don't hate the GA planes I respect the skill behind the plane.  cause they sure hurt when I mess up.

see ya in the air.   BRING SOME TREATS. toss them out the window I will catch them. Tootsie rolls would be nice!



Overlooked a few details chief:


- IL-2s had crap for bombs

- IL-2s used PTABs, which are shaped charges

- IL-2s attacked convoy and light emplacements with rockets and guns

- IL-2s actually had very dangerous guns, while dedicated light bombers didn't (the A-20 was part night fighter, heavy fighter and sky whale)


Those are not bombers chief.

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OMG Heh you have had so many posts O_O

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