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What games have/do you play, and what brought you here?

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andy256 #21 Posted 08 February 2014 - 07:16 AM

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I don't remember why I got into games to begin with. I play...

Red Dead Redemption, Company of Heroes, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Ace Combat, Blazing Angels, Medal of Honor: Frontline, all fine games.

World of Tanks led me to World of Warplanes. I've played war thunder, but I refuse to take sides on the matter.

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BAD_KARMA__ #22 Posted 08 February 2014 - 12:02 PM

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View PostxMADDMANNx, on 04 February 2014 - 05:00 PM, said:

ts in my sig..

but not listed is

f15-strike eagle

European Air War


I still play Cliffs Of Dover not that often though, COD WaW, A little WTG golf time to time.


What got me to WoWP frankly theTV add's led me to it. But the adds didn't show plane markers & distance markers in the "live" gameplay.. it leads you to think its more simulation based that kinda let me down just a tad at 1st MM battle. Don't get me wrong i like this game.

Been seeing more add's on TV as well.. History II and Millitary channels both. I hope it brings in more numbers for the NA server.


Well I started out on the Atari before they added the 2600 to the name. I remember working my but off hauling hay to earn the $59.95 to buy the game. I also played World of Warcraft for many years until they nerfed my character so bad I could not stand to play him anymore. The only draw back I see so far is the serious disadvantage that the joystick users have versus the keyboard and mouse point and click users. I am trying to be the squeaky wheel and raise awareness about this to see if there is anything to be done to get WoWP to even out the playing field. I mean it makes economic sense. If you have the money to buy the controler then you have money to spend in their store which is not going to happen when you are shot down at the click of a mouse.



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Heh #23 Posted 08 February 2014 - 01:37 PM

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1. Watched some guy play Doom 2 like a madman at the age of 4 or something, so I've decided to go play vidya games. Got a PS 1 and had Ace Combat 2 on it after playing Air Combat 22 in an arcade. Ever since then, I've played vidya games from the 90s, even a rare one.


2. I change games damn frequently actually. I've started playing WoT on the EU server since I was bad here, and I've learned from my mistakes. I play the Crysis series from time to time, but it gets dull even on the hardest difficulty. Played Rage, stopped playing it on my second playthrough. I also tried my luck at racing games with Criterion's version of the NFS series, and the Burnout series. I tend to also go back to AC 2 and AC 3 JP, my favorite Ace Combat games, and sometimes Star Fox 64. And some other MMOs that I won't list since I risk an RO for advertizing, but one was awful and is the definition of dev retardation. Seriously, you guys make me laugh with your "WG's a cash-grabbing goon". WG didn't stoop to that level yet, since that MMO has kept the exact same graphics and engine for a decade, and even bugs that came from a decade still persisted.


Anyway, there's also WoT (duh), some indie game on Steam (you may know it, it's the one with 4 indie devs and spaceships on the Unreal engine and that costs money to get in-game), and a few private servers of that awful MMO (some were taken better care of than the official servers). I also play a tank sim called Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942, which is very realistic to some extent (they don't model the HE shockwave dealing internal damage to the crew though), but it requires a crapton of player modding to make it interesting, and it has no multiplayer. And the mods are to be found in... questionable sites.


3. I was a WoT scrub here, heard that there were planes, then I went and sent a request to be admitted to alpha testing. I like planes due to my AC background, and I was training myself with AC 2 and AC 3 on emulators. A clanmate of mine in another MMO got me interested in WoT, although I was a complete stupid when it came to tanks (I thought that 128mm wasn't that big). Of course, back in the days the mouse controls were bad, so I went for full keyboard controls and I was confused with the lag I had to compensate for. I thought I was good too, until Colin and other people knocked down my ego. But then I was learning. In fact, this game inspired me to actually dig up facts like a madman about aircraft, and now I'm all condescending about it.

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OMG Heh you have had so many posts O_O

Roy_McMullet #24 Posted 08 February 2014 - 05:54 PM

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circa 1984, Atari 2600.

circa 1987, Nintendo (console as a Christmas gift, got my first job at 16 and bought most of my games and accessories on my own.  Introduced to a lotta genres there, even a few strategy titles (lotta water under the bridge, so I don't recall the titles, sorry))

1991, Commodore Amiga:  First PC.  Loved this thing.  Battle of Britain.  A space fighter sim, more strategy titles.  I was overseas in Germany where the Amiga was more popular and titles were easier (though expensive) to get.  The external hard drive was about 2/3 the size of a shoe box and had something like 500mb...maybe...again, a lotta water under the bridge.

1994, Packard Bell (something or another), first online experiences:  Restationed in North Carolina, I sold my Amiga and bought a 'normal' PC.  Dial-up internet and played Sierra On-Line (pay by the minute...I spent waaay too much money) and learned how to use BBSs. 

Rest of the 90s:  Began building my own rigs.  Lotta games.  Eye of the Beholder, A-10 tank killer, another game similar driving an Abrahms tank, had a Nin64, Civilization in its many releases (and to date, I still like em). 

2000 to today:  Still a lot of strategy and first person stuff;  Battlefield 1942 rocked, Starcraft (or was this the 90s?), others I'm not remembering because I've killed off those brain cells in one way or another.  MMOs: Everquest almost immediately upon release (due to Sierra On-Line and the fantasy role playing it had), World of Warcraft, a little SWtOR, that Conan MMO shortly, Microsoft Flight Simulator once in a while, of course, WoT.  Played Eve online a little, too.  Dungeon Siege was another great lan game as was the original half life (I was a bowling alley bar manager and used to have people bring in the computers and we'd have tourneys in a conference room.  This was real early 2000s.).


Anyway, you get the picture.  There's a lotta games that are coming to mind as I write (Midtown Madness was a hoot in LAN), but I'm not gonna list em all. 



edit:  I keep thinking of more.  Most of the Silent Hunter games (man, those were great in their early versions), Tribes, Aces of the Pacific, Aces over Europe, M1 Tank Platoon (mentioned above without title), Sid Meier's Pirates!, X-Com (and the most recent release is pretty good, though not true to the original), Railroad Tycoon I & II.  X-Wing and Tie Fighter were da poop.  Worms (in many variations), Stronghold (variations), Zork, Baldur's Gate, Full Throttle, Doom.  Man, you sparked a neuron or two here.

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