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mobbing tips pancake targeting tailing

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FistOfHeaven #1 Posted 17 January 2014 - 05:44 PM

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We know what it is, its happened to all of us at some point.  You climb onto the tail of some bogey who's being chased down, followed by three more of your teammates. This situation is what I refer to as 'mobbing'.


While a kill is always beneficial to the team, often times the means of getting it can be incredibly detrimental.  This is especially true in a mobbing situation.  Pancaking (coming down on-top of an ally or enemy) is something that can easily occur in a mob situation, as well as head on collisions and friendly fire incidents, which are all issues that can grievously affect your teams performance and rob them of a win.  They can also be very frustrating for your teammate who is tailing the enemy that just got mobbed, as they are robbed of the kill that they likely would have had, and are put in danger of being put out of the match. Another problem that arises because of mobbing is abandonment of your teammates on the other side of the map.  While they may be able to hold their own, the likelihood is that they will be brought down without support.  When there is a mob of allies on one enemy, you leave your teammates to fight against a group of enemies, and when the mob is on the other side of the map, focusing on one enemy, calls for help are often ignored and you end up losing another teammate or two. The good news, however, is that these mobbing situations, while very frustrating, are easily avoided by even the least experienced of pilots.


First and foremost, situational awareness is the key.  If you round off of a dogfight, or when you first enter into the fray, look around.  Check to see if any targets have an ally on their tail. Check to see if any allies have a bogey on theirs. Then, pick your target, call it, and head in.  Keep an eye on where you are, as well as where your allies and enemies are.  There is an option in settings to put a secondary radar on your hub, which is a zoomed in version of the map radar. It is incredibly helpful, I suggest you use it.


DO remember to call your target, using the assigned hotkeys.  This tells aware allies that you are going to engage the enemy, and serves to wave off other people who are looking to pick up a target.


DO NOT assume that a  means that multiple planes are needed.  This is represented by , which is assigned to a separate hotkey.  I reassigned mine to Numpad 2 for easy access.


DO NOT engage an enemy who already has two allies on their tail.  Break off and find a new target.


DO NOT engage a target that someone has called and is already dogfighting with on the horizontal axis(On their tail). If you are there to help, and they are tailing the target, use Boom and Zoom tactics to support them from above the dogfight. If you're not sure what that means, fly in a "V" or "U" shaped vertical pattern, coming down from high altitude, momentarily attacking the enemy and then using your momentum to climb back up to repeat the process. Take care with your aim, and burst fire to avoid hitting your ally as well.


DO recognize your planes abilities, your allies abilities and your enemies abilities.  This situational awareness can help you readily decide how to attack your enemies, as well as which enemy would be most likely to succumb to your attack.


DO NOT ignore allies in distress for an 'easy kill', ESPECIALLY if it’s very early in the battle.  If they have a plane on their tail, help them out and attack the bogey.  If you can’t turn with it, boom and zoom it.


DO NOT engage an enemy on the same plane of attack as an ally, such as right next to them or directly above them.  This is an easy way to pancake or collide with your ally and remove the both of you from combat as well as giving the enemy an easy out, and sometimes even a kill (or more!)


DO remember to call for a coordinated attack on hard targets such as heavy fighters or ground attack aircraft, unless they have less than 25% of their health left, and even then you should probably do it. They both have an enormous amount of hit points compared to you, and one snub fighter can spend the entire match taking down one target.  To boot, they almost always have better firepower.  If you overshoot, they can rip your plane to shreds in seconds and keep killing ground targets.


DO NOT assume a coordinated attack means 'all of the planes come shoot this one guy'.  All you ideally need is one in the vertical(BnZ) and one in the horizontal axis(Tailing/turnfighting).  Chances are, GAA are already reduced in health from your AA guns, and a solid coordinated attack will bring them down.


DO loiter around the remaining ground target at higher altitude to assist if Murphy's loveable law rings true and your teammates end up out of the fight.  This way you can mop up with BnZ tactics.

DO NOT engage ground targets while there are still enemy fighters left in the game. Ever. Ever. In the ever. Or ever. Support your teammates in the fight.  That one last heavy fighter can do some serious damage, I know this from experience.  I almost pulled an ace in a heavy fighter in the last 30 seconds of the game.  They simply have way more firepower and climbing ability.  If you find yourself facing off with one, you will often lose the fight.


DO remember, its only one plane and ONLY one kill. If you find yourself in a mob,  your chances of getting the kill rapidly decrease. If there's one person (you) on the baddy, its a 100% chance that the kill will be yours.  If its 3, the odds become 33%, and 5 makes it 20%.  Those aren't good odds. Add in the likelihood of crashing or shooting down/getting downed by a teammate, and they get even worse.


While kills are important and helpful for the team, they have much less value when your plane is smoldering on the ground and your team is losing the battle.  These tips can help you stay alive longer and be much more effective at winning matches and supporting your teammates, as well as eventually giving you more kills, assists and survivals.  Good luck, happy hunting, and stay friendly all!

triptyx #2 Posted 17 January 2014 - 06:36 PM

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View PostFistOfHeaven, on 17 January 2014 - 11:44 AM, said:

DO, at the end of the match, find a soft ground target (NOT AA GUNS OR BATTLESHIPS) if you see that multiple allies have picked up the last planes.  It helps advantage, and can give you ground kills and thus some credits and xp.


I'm not a big fan of LF's attacking Ground Targets at any time (unless you're already low, unengaged, there's nobody around, and there's a GT that's a hair from being dead that happens to be on your way somewhere).  The only exception to this is if there's a couple or three of you, you can't find that remaining enemy or two, and you're down in superiority.  Sometimes a coordinated attack on GTs at that point is your only chance of pulling out a win.


Yes, you may have some friends already on those last enemy planes, and it looks like everything is in hand.  But Murphy says the moment you get low and slow in your LF and start strafing GTs, your friends are going to collide with each other, or get shot down, or dart, or have some other tragedy befall them - now the enemy has a GT blinking on their map, and there you are low, slow, with no energy and overheated guns.  Game over.


If my friends seem to have those last enemies in hand, I get close enough so that I can aid them if necessary while climbing above the fight.  If I see they're starting to lose the upper hand, that leaves me in perfect position to make a careful BnZ pass through the melee to either shoot the enemy off of a friendly's tail, or otherwise assist them with their problem.  Either way, I'm above the fight, have energy to spare compared to the enemy who is likely low E due to a turning battle, and I am in the best position to take the situation in hand if need be.

oldkye #3 Posted 17 January 2014 - 06:46 PM

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I think part of the problem is new players but part may be WoT vet's lol that game nothing is more important then focus fire to take out enemies as fast as possible to win match's.


So when you call out "engaging" with "T" which in would of tanks is "attack my target and help me" I think they engage "Because" you called it out not realizing there is two buttons with another for help lol I often find I have more trouble with mobbing "when I call it out" so may be helpful to let new players know the difference between the two.

FistOfHeaven #4 Posted 18 January 2014 - 07:01 AM

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There, edited it a bit based on your suggestions.  Many thanks guys!

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