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Zero Bombs?

Zero Bombs Bacon

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Do you Carry and drop Bombs on your Zero?

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oldkye #21 Posted 13 December 2013 - 06:19 PM

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View PostRanger_1, on 13 December 2013 - 04:36 PM, said:

We know what the effects are on your speed and maneuverability when the ordinance is loaded, but do we have any kind of indicator as to what the adverse effects are (if any) once you have expended that ordinance?  I'm just talking about speed and maneuverability, not the other (less tangible) disadvantages of being at a lower altitude, etc.


Well I read a few things that said "you don't get all the performance back because of racks when they are dropped" but then I saw a guy who showed a chart he did and he slowly got it back as he dropped bombs and had it fully back with all dropped.


This actually fits with some of the bomb testing I've been doing (got my 3 marks on the A6M1 now lol) the second seems to be the case.(which makes since as most of these have the "racks" with or without the bombs.)


I may even like using bombs with the intention to drop them immediately so people underestimate me at the start as it looks like the other zero's can turn faster only to find that I can turn just as fast if not faster when they find me.


Lastly despite the low damage and small bombs I've found that even the small bombs like on the A6M1 can kill a small target (AA gun or radar) of tier from max optimal altitudes 60-70% of the time if I just pop them both at the target this means my bombs are often dropped within 20-30seconds of the start of the game right as I would turn to engage planes anyway and hit the ground giving me a ground kill as I get my first air kill.(Just make sure the center of the giant bomb target sight is right on the target and it will hit more often then you think)

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