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Best WW2 fighter

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wow, tough question, given both the timeframe, the combat styles, and a few other factors.  But, among the best would be 

Early -

P38, Zero, ME109, Spitfire

Mid -

FW190, P47, P51, Corsair

Late -



I tried not to repeat from one era to the next, mainly to avoid being repetitive. There are also a few other planes that did not achieve 'great' (or even very good) status largely due to lack of time used.  Among these were the French De-520.  I also did not place any Italian or USSR aircraft, largely due to a lack of specific knowledge, though both nations did produce superior aircraft in this field. Other craft did not make my list due to being 'more' than a fighter. (Mosquito, etc).  Some craft gained a name as nightfighters (Ju-88, Me-110, He-219, P-61 Blackwidow, etc), but I did not include these either, as it is a different flavor of air to air combat than this game (which inspired the question, I surmise) embraces.  Other craft fell into the "good but not quite good enough" (to be great). Examples are the Hurricane, P-40, Hellcat, Wildcat.  Some of these happen to be what we had to work with, some just became side-kicks to others, but for whatever reason, they themselves were not among the top tier of WW2 aircraft. 



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