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Credits Bugged

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Draed #1 Posted 01 September 2013 - 08:57 AM

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Tested over the course of the last couple days with several different aircraft.
Equipped high end ammo... resupply costs were around 800 to 2k ish.  Unequip special ammo and resupply costs are always $6400!  *bugged*
After losing a match, that plane get's bugged.  Credits are subtracted for rearming / bombs and ammo, but the balance isn't awarded to the total.  This one doesn't happen every time, but is really obnoxious when it happens.  I check my credits before a battle, win that match with 5+ kills and live.  Total Credits remain unchanged.
I have a very solid connection with a normal ping at around 50-65ms, but at least once every match I get a 5-10 second stretch of 100% packet loss.  sometimes crashing my plane.  Not fun.
I am really enjoying this game so far, but there are still glaring bugs.
I would recommend altering the Match Making for two tier matches rather than three tier matches.  I.E.  tier III & IV, or IV & V.  The three tier spread seems excessive (especially at higher level).  I personally like the challenge of spawning in as low tier, but as the matches get higher, it get's more and more frustrating.
Great Game.  Lot's of potential.

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