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Thoughts on Tier 5 & 6 Yak-series

Tier5 Tier6 Yak-1 Yak-1M Yak-7 Yak-9 Yak Yakovlev

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CrashTailspin #1 Posted 24 August 2013 - 04:52 PM

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Hey everyone!

With the introduction of the Yak-series of aircraft, I wanted to give my thoughts and impressions on four of the more well-known Yakovlev aircraft during World War 2 (and some of the first Yak aircraft players will attain and be able to fly in-game), namely the Tier 5 Yak-1 / Yak-7 and Tier 6 Yak-1M / Yak-9.
DISCLAIMER:  These are solely my opinions, based on the current (0.5.1) build, and a computer with one foot in the grave.  I'm also not that good of a player.  People's opinions vary.  Some may agree, some may not.  I'm cool with that.
To start from the beginning...
I was excited when I got my I-17.  It was nimble and well-armed for its tier.  It could stick to nearly anything like glue, and had enough firepower to saw aircraft apart at close range.  Just don't try outrunning an opponent - it won't work.  I was hooked after about 10 battles, and after 10 more, I'm still hooked.  To me, it's my I-16 replacement.
So, carrying that enthusiasm on, I unlocked the Yak-1 and Yak-7.
Be prepared for a let-down, with at least one aircraft.
The Yak-7 compares similarly to the LaGG-3.  With its 37mm cannon, this aircraft can do substantial (read:  one-shot kill) damage to enemies.  I wasn't expecting hyper-maneuverability like the I-17, but the Yak-7 doesn't disappoint.  It's maneuverable enough to survive the whirling dogfight, and at close range associated with the furball, the 37mm does its job well.
The Yak-1, however, was the disappointment.  While I love its maneuverability, the hitting power is nearly laughable.  C'mon - ONE 20mm cannon and ONE 7.62mm MG to start?!  Compare this to the P-40's & F4F's STOCK armament of four 12.7mm M2 machine guns.  Even the stock 109E gets more armament than the Yak-1 (provided you unlocked the 20mm MG/FF-M from the 109B).
What ruins the Yak-1 (and subsequent Yak-1M) for me is WG's introduction of increased disperson.  To quote from the Update 0.5.1 is Now Live! page:


Increased average bullet spread when firing. Spread increases even more when firing upward.
Adjusted dispersion on all guns

Carry this over to the Yak-1M.  Great maneuverability once again, but paltry weaponry compared to other Tier 6s.  And adding in the increased dispersion and average bullet spread, and forget sniping with it.  You've gotta get in close once again to do any significant damage, unlike the F4U, La-5, Bf.109F, etc. which have enough long-range weapons to deal enough damage, at range, and overcome the average bullet spread and adjusted disperson nerfs.
The same goes for the Yak-9.  Granted, they carry the 37mm or 45mm doom cannons, but with only one other machine gun, you're relying on superior accuracy, rather than volume of fire, to do your damage.  Miss a few shots, and now your accuracy is out the window.
Take these concepts (accuracy nerf, minimal weapon systems), and bring that to a player who:
  • Lives on the West Coast (farthest distance from the US Server's location of Washington, DC), resulting in pingrates above ~120ms
  • Has a sub-optimium gaming system (something less than 1GB Video RAM, and a relatively small monitor and/or aspect ratio), resulting in framerates <30fps
While you CAN play with those stats (I run about 115ms or so, and get 25-50fps), it makes it quite difficult to get consistent, accurate shots at Tier 6, especially when the increased speed you see in a Tier 6-8 battle (which the Yak-1M / Yak-9 will easily see) vs a Tier 3-5 battle (which the Yak-1 / Yak-7 often see).

Here's the end result (which I have experienced):

Players who find themselves doing relatively well in the Yak-7 upgrade to the Yak-9, and the increased speed of the dogfight / bullet dispersion nerf causes frustration and near rage-quit.
Do I have an answer for this disparity between the Tier 5 Yaks and Tier 6s Yaks?  Sadly, no, short of re-adjusting the bullet dispersion of their weapons.
I'd like to see other people's thoughts on the upgrade from I-17 to Yak-1 or Yak-7, and the subsequent upgrade from Yak-1 to Yak-1M or Yak-7 to Yak-9.  Am I the only one who has experienced this?
Let me know your experiences!

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Croyd_Crenson #2 Posted 24 August 2013 - 05:04 PM

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I've flown the I-17 and Yak-1 so far.
I-17 I played maybe 10-15 battles and got a few aces in it, I like the plane.
Yak-1, I agree with you 100% , 3-4 battles and I stopped playing it.
Maybe I'll try the Yak-7 line later on. I fried my motherboard yesterday and I'm typing this using a computer from 1999.

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Sandman1969 #3 Posted 24 August 2013 - 05:42 PM

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I have flown them all now and the Yak 9 was my worst out of all of them.
Currently, the Yak 1 & Yak 7 have the best win rates for me. The yak 9 was the bad one for me.

pyantoryng #4 Posted 24 August 2013 - 06:12 PM


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I don't like the heavy Yak style of fighting - with 300 ping it's so hard even for spray and praying that landing a precision 37mm shot is out of the question.

The light Yak's firepower does not feel that feeble to me. I can hit harder with my Yak-1 than I can with my A6M5 for some reason. Then again, I'm used to the LaGG-3's 2 50cal and 23mm...

...and I'm pretty sure Yak-1 gets 2 ShKAS and upgrades into one 50cal. The improvement from two ShKAS into the single 50cal is a BIG one if you ask me.

WoWP makes a great jousting game...especially with the 262 and people busy in furballs...
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_Luna #5 Posted 24 August 2013 - 06:24 PM

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Im not really enjoying the Yak line so far. The I-17 is fun, but only because most people at tier 4 play right to its strengths. Anyone with a basic understanding of energy fighting can pretty much slaughter it. The Yak-7 does remind me of the LaGG, and while I do not hate the Yak-7, I prefer the LaGG. I have the Yak-9 with the 37mm and the top engine, and Im just loosing interest in it, much like I did with the La-5. Post launch I do not see myself playing much of the Russian tree. I'll get my LaGG but I dont really enjoy the Russian fighters at any tier but 5.

Sandman1969 #6 Posted 24 August 2013 - 07:04 PM

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I like the Yak 7 over the Lagg 3 myself.
Now I am liking the Yak IM.

Traurig_Yoda #7 Posted 24 August 2013 - 08:53 PM

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I've tried the Yaks 7 & 9, both were OK but not my style.

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