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Overclocking for WOWP on ATI Mobility 5730

Overclocking ATI Mobility 5730 FPS Suck

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secretsquirrel956 #1 Posted 23 July 2013 - 09:37 PM

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I am quite aware that there is a graphical issue with running WOWP on the 5730 and for whatever reason there are massive drops in FPS during high conjested areas. This issue is compounded when smoke is introduced into your area. However, fear not, I have a method to make the game at least somewhat playable and smooth until this issue is resolved.
About 3 years ago I bought an Asus N61JQ. The processor it has is a Gen I i7 720QM. With turbo boost enabled It has little issue peaking up to 3Ghz to give me the crunching power when running WOWP. However, unfortunately with the limited internal memory and slow clocking speed some modifications had to be done to the clock speeds to bring it up to par with the rest of the machine. I was always having difficulty playing this game and getting burps of 20 FPS for no apparent reason. Well I decided to fondle with my computer a little and with the overclocking I am at 60 FPS.
For those with the ATI 5730 here is a guide just for you!
1. First thing to do would be to ENSURE there is no existing over heating issues with your laptop. All laptops have a different operating temperature so I would do some research on google to see what the norm is. A great tool to monitor your Temps is CPUID and can be found on DOWNLOAD.COM There is little issue with overclocking my ATI card because my heat sink and fan can support a few extra degrees Celsius.
  A. I also suggest before overclocking your system open it up and clean it out. You might also want to replace your thermal paste between the heatsinks and the GPU/CPU
2. If you are using the Catalyst one fits all driver uninstall it and download the computer specific driver for GPU.
3. Download AMD GPU CLOCK TOOL. I would suggest using this link http://www.techpower...ck-tool-v0-9-8/ to download it.
4. After several running tests You can safely overclock your GPU to 850 core speed and 850 memory speed without screen tearing. The Net temp of the heatsink is only 3 degrees higher with the overclock.
5. Go into WOWP and adjust the graphics quality to Low. And now you have 60 consistent FPS
6. If you start seeing screen tearing lower the clocking speed 10 MHZ at a time until it is stable again.
*Im hoping someone can add to this thread to help overcome this FPS drop issue. Adjusting sliders doesn't help, only overclocking does.*

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secretsquirrel956 #2 Posted 24 July 2013 - 03:38 PM

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View PostAlexVandross, on 23 July 2013 - 10:08 PM, said:

Unfortunately, with laptops, it's very difficult to make a graphics card change. On laptops, such as yours, where you can actually play with overclocking/underclocking, there is some room for playing. However, this is really a trial and error thing, as results vary for everyone.
I do recommend trying to upgrade to the maximum RAM that the laptop can carry, especially if the GPU utilizes sharing. In games that don't actually utilize >3 GB, the more you can share to the GPU the better.
Thank you Vandross. And yes as Vandross suggests It this software will ONLY function correctly on almost all ATI video cards... That's both Desktop and Mobility cards. Be warned though DO NOT GET COCKY and think your PC is the greatest and attempt to overclock it by 200%. If your card melts to your motherboard or your house catches fire I AM NOT LIABLE lol that's obviously your fault... There is a reason people tend to only overclock graphics cards 10-15% so be warned.
Now as with Vandross' other comment YES DO UPGRADE your ram. As he said almost every laptop shares memory... . A lot of PC manufactures will advertise that your computer has 4GB of ram but guess what... they just threw ram in there for advertising purposes. Or maybe they DO advertise DDR3 but guess what! The clock on that ram is slower than some DDR2 Sticks. Here is a classic example of what I am talking about:
My Asus came with:
2x4GB Module - DDR3 1066MHz
At first glance people would say WOW that's not half bad! Well your half wrong because the clock speed is garbage.
Yes I have the storage capacity but when your dealing with gaming you need to pay attention to clock speed. Here is the one I would actually buy
4GB Module - DDR3 1333MHz
If money was tight I would take 4GB of DDR3 @ 2.4 Ghz over 8GB of DDR3 @ 1.3 GHz. So just remember this... The Higher the speed the better! Don't forget too that if your running your computer on just 2GB you should at least upgrade the storage to a minimum 4 GB.
If you have no clue what it is you are looking for try using manufactures website to ensure you get the right stuff. Here is one example:
Here is a list of Ram Manufactures:
Corsair Memory
Crucial Technology
EDGE Tech Corp
Infineon Technologies
Kingston Technologies
Micron Technology
OCZ Technology
Hope that helps! PS You should check out the Solid State Hard Drives as well... They make a world of difference

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