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Guide to using your tokens in Open Beta

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SkywhaleExpress #1 Posted 03 July 2013 - 01:48 PM

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Okay, so you got 20,000 tokens right? What now?

Well.. you could splurge them all on credits and never have to worry about them again.. Since premium is currently paid for, there's no more need to spend 8 days grinding 30d premium, 22 days using tokens for whatever... now it's just tokens as you  choose.

Now, there's a couple ways to go about this:

1. You could buy premium planes and jump ahead into the action with tiers 3-6 no problem..  gaining credits with an already elite plane with slight bonus to free xp/credits..

2. You can buy either free xp as you go, or all credits.. or a combination of both...

Or.. my favorite way..


Below, you will see how I've approached my grind in Open Beta.

1. I don't care to be first to tier 10.. as it will be just as lonely as tiers 8-10 were the first week to a month after Closed Beta started (same number of CBTers active in September)

2. I want to be able to equilaterally climb my tiers in an efficient way, that secures me the best possible survival and victories.


So, I came up with a way to get to the tiers I like (especially tier 3-7) without having to play the dangerous tier.. tier 2. Tier 2s keep getting stomped by tier 3/4, without blinking.. so why not skip them?

Now, where things might differ is that I had 21.33 million xp in CBT.. so I received 42,665 tokens. But,I haven't spent more than 10% of my not-used-for-credits tokens...


1. I immediately spend 22,665 tokens on just over 9 million credits. This allowed me to buy modules/fully service/consumables my tier 1s and subsequent tiers.

2. I started battling each tier 1 (roughly 10-20 battles per tier 1.. 59 in total before my 3 tier 3 Fw57 battles), and paying tokens to convert the free XP.

3. Once I grind up all my upgrades in the tier 2's I am willing to eventually play, and only ground the parts I needed to build up to tier 3s on the ones I don't like (TSH-1 no longer has bombs, so I no longer like it.. AGO is moderately Ok.. but I think it should never go against 4's) I convert more free xp straight to getting the tier 3s I like the most.

4. After free xp grinding my tier 3's to fully upgraded (the ones I like the most) I then start adding free XP to my tier 3's I find least favorite.

5. I then started playing my tier 3 Fw57 (my second fave tier 3) so that I can get my fave tier 4, the 110 Bravo.

Essentially, this gets you past the crappy tier 2's, that should never face tier 4's... but since they do, they're stat (and thus, with so many losses.. fun..) killers...

And it gets you to the first fun tiers (in my opinion), tier 3. The first tier that can handle tier 4's and 5's (and up, if you flight up with a higher tier..)

This may not be the most efficient way to get to tier 10 quickly.. but it gets you to a unilateral tier of your choosing as quickly as possible, with as much victories as possible... tactics in battles deciding just how quickly.

Please post your guides to grinding the way YOU like to grind..

This will hopefully give people some insight into the many routes we can take to get to the tiers we like.

Have fun and good hunting, pilots!!!

Screenshots showing planes ground up.

Air Raid 8 Champions - BrushFyre

MIA - pappabear

OpenEmUp #2 Posted 03 July 2013 - 02:01 PM

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Or you can just Test your luck like me :-)
Posted Image
Of course i only have 22 battles but I got pass the 2 and 3
But Vandross post is awesome im going to so do this from now on If im going up a tier

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pyantoryng #3 Posted 03 July 2013 - 03:08 PM


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I just go through planes the pauper style.

That's what I always do.

WoWP makes a great jousting game...especially with the 262 and people busy in furballs...
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BitterClinger #4 Posted 03 July 2013 - 03:12 PM

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Yep, just grinding like the average joe and kept my 17K tokens right where they are...

I need the practice anyway.

IamJMan999 #5 Posted 03 July 2013 - 03:17 PM

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I'm just guessing but I think the vast majority do not have 20 thousand tokens.. I think more than not a lot of us had less than 5k... 4400 or so here, so I did only have to spend around 5 battles in tier 2, but I couldn't get much further than that....

Grinding away as we speek

computit #6 Posted 03 July 2013 - 03:48 PM

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Been interesting to see the way open has worked; grinding again DOES suck, but what ya gonna do? We knew it was coming.

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DGShannon #7 Posted 03 July 2013 - 04:29 PM

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View PostAlexVandross, on 03 July 2013 - 03:22 PM, said:

the good thing about my tactic, is it works even with such lower amounts of tokens. It doesn't take many to convert free XP with, and at roughly 400 credits per token.. 2500 is almost 1mil in credits. At lower tiers, modules (scope, reinforced sheet metal , etc ) isn't necessary. Neither is fire extinguisher.

I merely used my vast amount as an example of being able to skip ahead as long as I can make XP in any plane. While I likely won't plateau like this until tier 5/6 across all trees, it shouldn't be hard to do one tree you like with 3-6000 tokens.
In closed beta, I spent the majority of my efforts climbing the German Heavy, and Russian Ground Attack, with little investment in the fighters, except working the American line up to a loaded P-51D. You, and many other, of the long timers had the advantage of building up almost every line.
I didn't get "42,665 tokens" in this latest wipe, but did OK, and am a far cry from the brand new player starting out, and want to spend it wisely. So, for all those with limited to no resources, wanting to climb one of the fighter trees (which is probably normal for most), which nation do you prefer? American fighter, American carrier, Russian, Japanese, etc.? And why?

kasar99 #8 Posted 03 July 2013 - 07:33 PM

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Concern for stats in beta..  :glasses:
I guess that would explain some of the rage in some collisions, I wasn't too concerned the fifth time my P-12 was rammed though I was flat and level.

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