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Announcement: World of Warplanes in CIS

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The following is the announcement concerning the future of World of Warplanes CIS server. We are posting it here so you have a first-hand translation of the announcement made today on the CIS portal.

Please note, that this announcement is in no way related to the future of World of Warplanes in Europe, North America and Asia. The development team remains committed to providing you with the best experience in the skies of our game.




Ever since the launch of World of Warplanes, we made every effort to ensure that the time you spend in-game is pure adrenaline-fueled fun.

We are sad to announce that the World of Warplanes CIS server will be shut down. The disconnection is scheduled for December 13, 2022, 180 days from now.


Also, from today, June 15, 2022, players on the CIS server will no longer be able to make purchases in either the World of Warplanes Premium Shop or on Steam. However, until the server closes, you can continue to use in-game assets (Gold, Premium Account, Free XP) and play without any additional restrictions.


We are deeply grateful to all the players who have been with us since the launch, as well as all our newbies!  Your ideas and passion for flight have proved invaluable for us on this journey and inspired us to take World of Warplanes to exciting new heights.


More information on the possibilities of transferring your World of Warplanes account from the CIS to the EU server will be released soon, so stay tuned.


Thank you for being with us all through all these years,

World of Warplanes Team.